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Here are some sample news articles that could be used for Assignment 2.


For stories regarding the corrections component of CJ system see the list in the Penology course.

To find such stories use the following suggestions:

The organization of Criminal Justice Journalists sends a daily email of major criminal justice stories written by their members, and appearing in national newspapers. Criminal Justice Journalists (CJJ) provides a summary of the nation's top crime and justice news stories with Internet links, if any. If you are interested in receiving their news report, Crime & Justice News, please use their registration form. You can also go to their News Center site to search all archived CJN stories.

News bots can help you be selective by searching the websites of newspapers, magazines, and e-zines to find new articles that are of specific interest to you. You can request that all stories on the topic of the week be tracked by using keywords. Visit:

Other suggestions for services that will send stories to you via email include the New York Times (use their news tracker service [$$] to create personal daily news clippings).

Google now has a news search feature as well. Google also supports rss feeds from news services.

In order to track current news stories one can build an online, updateable newspaper/magazine page or set up a news clipping service. Crayon assists you in building a customized newspaper choosing from the specific sections of thousands of online newspapers and other media sources. As these newspaper sections are updated daily, your personal Crayon newspaper continues to provide up to date news.

You may locate other ways to track such stories. Please share these with the class via email. If you locate other good news clipping services, please let the class know about them.

As an FSU student you can use the Lexis-Nexis news service, too. It's directly linked from the FSU Library databases page under L.

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