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bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Criminological Theory, an Interdisciplinary Approach Maintained by Diane M. DeMelo
bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Criminological Theory Links
bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)CriminologyA Course Taught by Lee Brown and William Martin
bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Allyn & Bacon's Sociology Links: Sociological Theory Created by Cecil Greek.
bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Dead Sociologists Index
bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Spoon Home Page
bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Criminological Theory Database (under construction)
bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Biological Bases of Behaviour

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) The Biological Roots of Criminal Behavior
bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Psychological and Psychiatric Foundations of Criminal Behavior
bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Personality
bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)The Institute for Psychohistory
bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Social Development Research Group
bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Social Process Perspectives

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Pro and Con - Crime and the Environment
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Undergraduate Guide to Critical Theory

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Philosophy of Science

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Karl Popper

Philosophy of Science: Popper
Falsifiability as the criterion for theories

Individual Theorists (pages created by FSU students)

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Freda Adler

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Robert Agnew

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Ronald Akers

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Elijah Anderson

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Albert Bandura

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Cesare Beccaria

Rational Choice and Deterrence Theory
Rational Choice and Sociology
Rational Choice Theory
Rational Choice

Mathematical Models Rational Choice Theories
Does Punishment Deter?

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Howard Becker

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Jeremy Bentham

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) William Chambliss

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Ronald Clarke

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Richard Cloward

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Albert Cohen

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) R. L. Dugdale

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Charles Colson

PFI Restorative Justice Home Page

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)David Farrington

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Michel Foucault

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Sigmund Freud

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) John Hagan

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Travis Hirschi 
      2nd essay

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Earnest Hooton

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Carl Jung

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Immanuel Kant

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Edwin Lemert

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Cesare Lombroso

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Karl Marx

From Marx to Mao

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)David Matza

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Robert Merton

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Oscar Newman

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Richard Quinney

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Jeffrey Reiman

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Georg Rusche and Otto Kirchheimer

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Stanton Samenow

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Edwin Schur

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Jerome Skolnick

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Pitirim Sorokin

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Edwin Sutherland

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Frank Tannenbaum

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Gabriel Tarde

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)James Tedeschi and Richard Felson

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Alexis de Tocqueville

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes) Marvin Wolfgang

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)James Q. Wilson

bullet2.gif (1187 bytes)Philip Zimbardo

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