Brendan Lantz received his Ph.D. from The Pennsylvania State University. He was a  Bureau of Justice Statistics Graduate Research Fellow and a Penn State Graduate Fellow. His research interests focus on co-offending and group crime, social networks, violence, and hate crime.

Research Interests

Group crime and co-offending, social networks, violence, hate and bias crime.


Ph.D. 2017, The Pennsylvania State University; Criminology

M.A. 2013, The Pennsylvania State University; Crime, Law, & Justice

B.A. 2011, SUNY University at Albany; Criminal Justice


"Offending, Co-Offending, Crime, and the Law Enforcement Response: An Analysis of Individuals and Groups in the NIBRS Data, 2002-2012," funded by the Bureau of Justice Statistics ($150,000).

Recent Publications

Lantz, B. & Ruback, R.B. 2017. “A Networked Boost: Burglary Co-Offending and Repeat Victimization Using a Network Approach” Crime & Delinquency, 63(9): 1066-1090.

Lantz, B. & Ruback, R.B. 2017. “The Relationship Between Co-Offending, Age, and Experience Using a Sample of Adult Burglary Offenders” Journal of Developmental and Life-Course Criminology, 3(1): 76-97.

Gladfelter, A.S., Lantz, B., & Ruback, R.B. 2017. “The Complexity of Hate: Variations across Contexts and Types of Bias” Justice Quarterly, 34(1): 55-83.

Ruback, R.B., Gladfelter, A.S., & Lantz, B. 2017. “Hate Crime Victimization Data in Pennsylvania: A Useful Complement to the UCR” Violence & Victims. (In press).

Selected Publications

Lantz, B. & Hutchison, R. (2015). Co-Offender Ties and the Criminal Career: The Relationship Between Co-Offender Group Structure and the Individual Offender. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 52(5): 658-690.

Felson, R. & Lantz, B. (2016). When Are Victims Unlikely to Cooperate with the Police? Aggressive Behavior, 42(1): 97-108.