Cecilia Chouhy received her Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from University of Cincinnati. Her work focuses on conducting international tests of criminological theories, evaluating the effectiveness of correctional programs, and understanding the sources of public opinion about crime and punishment.

Research Interests

International Tests of Criminological Theories | Effectiveness of Correctional Programs | Public Opinion About Crime and Punishment


Ph.D., 2016, Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati

M.A., 2013, Economics, Universidad de la República, Uruguay

B.A., 2006, Sociology, Universidad de la República, Uruguay

Selected Publications

Chouhy, Cecilia, Spencer T. Hochstetler, and Francis T. Cullen 2016 “Social Concern and Delinquency: An Empirical Assessment of a Novel Theory.” Deviant Behavior. Published online.

Chouhy, Cecilia, Francis T. Cullen, and James D. Unnever 2016 “Mean Streets Revisited: Assessing the Generality of Rival Criminological Theories.” Victims and Offenders. 11(2): 225-250.

Thielo, Angela J., Francis T. Cullen, Derek M. Cohen, Cecilia Chouhy 2016 “Rehabilitation in a Red State: Public Support for Correctional Reform in Texas.” Criminology and Public Policy. Vol 15 (1): 137-170.

Lux, Jennifer L., Myrinda Schweitzer, and Cecilia Chouhy 2015 “Juvenile Downsizing in Ohio: Five Innovations.” Victims and Offenders 10(4): 379-400.

Chouhy, Cecilia, Robert Agnew, and Francis T. Cullen (2016) “Social Concern and Crime.” Oxford Handbooks Online in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Online Publication. May 2016. DOI: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199935383.013.135