Stewart’s recent research has found that neighborhood ecological characteristics influence recidivism, aspirations, and violence.

Research Interests

Neighborhoods and Crime | Life Course Criminology | Youth Violence | Contextual Effects | Adolescent Outcomes | Social Control/Punishment


Ph.D. 2000, Iowa State University; Sociology

M.S. 1996, Auburn University; Sociology

B.A. 1995, Fort Valley State University; Criminal Justice

Recent Publications

Stewart, Eric A., Ramiro Martinez, Jr, Eric P. Baumer, and Marc Gertz. 2015. “The Social Context of Latino Threat and Punitive-Latino Sentiment” Social Problems, 62:68-92.

Moule, Richard K. Jr., Callie H. Burt, Eric A. Stewart, and Ronald L. Simons. 2015. “Developmental Trajectories of Individuals’ Code of the Street Beliefs through Emerging Adulthood” Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 52:342-372 .

Mancini, Christina, Daniel P. Mears, Eric A. Stewart, Justin Pickett, and Kevin M. Beaver. 2015. “Whites’ Perceptions about Black Criminality: A Closer Look at the Contact Hypothesis” Crime and Delinquency 61 (September):996-1022.

Cochran, Joshua C., Daniel P. Mears, William D. Bales, and Eric A. Stewart . 2015. “Spatial Distance, Community Disadvantage, and Racial and Ethnic Variation in Prison Inmate Access to Social Ties” Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency Online First: 1-35.

Simons, Ronald L., Callie H. Burt, Ashley B. Barr, Man Kit Lei, and Eric A. Stewart . 2014. “Incorporating Routine Activities, Activity Spaces, and Situational Definitions into the Social Schematic Theory of Crime” Criminology 52: 655-687.

Selected Publications

Berg, Mark T., Eric A. Stewart, Endya B. Stewart, and Ronald L. Simons. 2013. “A Multilevel Examination of Neighborhood Social Processes and College Enrollment.” Social Problems 60: 513-534.

Mears, Daniel P., Eric A. Stewart, Sonja E. Siennick, and Ronald L. Simons. 2013. “The Code of the Street and Inmate Violence: Investigating the Salience of Imported Belief Systems.” Criminology 51: 695-728.

Stewart, Eric A. 2011. “Crime, Local Institutions, and Structural Inequality: The Cost of Payday Lending Institutions.” Criminology and Public Policy. 10:467-472.

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Stewart, Eric A. and Ronald L. Simons. 2010. “Race, Code of the Street, and Violent Delinquency: A Multilevel Investigation of Neighborhood Street Culture and Individual Norms of Violence.” Criminology. 48:569-605.