Marin Wenger received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Pennsylvania State University. Her work focuses on stratification, communities and crime, deviance, and quantitative methods.

Research Interests

Communities and Crime | Contextual Effects | Racial Stratification | Racial Disparity | Hate Crime | Deviance | Quantitative Methods


Ph.D. 2016, Pennsylvania State University; Sociology

M.A. 2012, Pennsylvania State University; Crime, Law and Justice

B.A. 2008, University of Michigan; Sociology


“The Longitudinal Multilevel Effects of Community Disadvantage, Income Inequality, and Residential Instability on Crime Rates” First Year Assistant Professor Award, Florida State University ($20,000), 2017.

Recent Publications

Lantz, Brendan, Marin R. Wenger, and Chloe J. Craig . 2021. “What if They Were White? The Differential Arrest Consequences of Victim Characteristics for Black and White Co-Offenders.” Social Problems.

Wenger, Marin R. and Brendan Lantz. 2021. “Hate Crime and Place: The Spatial and Temporal Concentration of Bias-Motivated Crime in Washington, DC.” Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Advance Online Publication. doi: 10.1177/0886260520987817.

Wenger, Marin R. and Michelle Frisco. 2021. “Extradyadic Sex and Psychological Distress among Married and Cohabiting Young Adults: An Examination of Internalized and Externalized Responses.” Journal of Family Issues 42(4):785-812.

Lantz, Brendan and Marin R. Wenger. 2020. “Guns, Groups, and the Southern Culture of Honor: Considering the Role of Co-offenders in Southern Firearm Violence.” Psychology of Violence. Advance Online Publication. doi: 10.1037/vio0000352.

Lantz, Brendan and Marin R. Wenger. 2020. “The Co-offender as Counterfactual: A Quasi-Experimental Approach to the Examination of the Relationship between Race and Arrest.” Journal of Experimental Criminology 16(2):183-206.

Selected Publications

Ramos, Javier and Marin R. Wenger. 2020. “Immigration and Recidivism: What is the Link?” Justice Quarterly 37(3):436-60.

Wenger, Marin R. 2019. “Separating the Influence of Inequality on Burglary and Robbery by Level of Analysis: A Multilevel Approach.” Social Science Research 81:42-60.

Wenger, Marin R. 2019. “Clarifying the Relationship between Racial Diversity and Crime: Neighborhoods versus Cities.” Crime and Delinquency 65(11):1513-36.

Wenger, Marin R. 2019. “Omitted Level Bias in Multilevel Research: An Empirical Test Distinguishing Block-Group, Tract, and City Effects of Disadvantage on Crime.” Justice Quarterly. Advance Online Publication. doi: 10.1080/07418825.2019.1649449.

Ramos, Javier and Marin R. Wenger. 2018. "Effects in Disguise: The Importance of Controlling for Constructs at Multiple Levels in Macro-Level Immigration and Crime Research." City and Community 17(4):1100-18.