Marin Wenger received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Pennsylvania State University. Her work focuses on stratification, communities and crime, deviance, and quantitative methods.

Research Interests

Stratification | Communities and Crime | Deviance | Quantitative Methods


Ph.D. 2016, Pennsylvania State University; Sociology

M.A. 2012, Pennsylvania State University; Crime, Law and Justice

B.A. 2008, University of Michigan; Sociology

Selected Publications

Wenger, Marin R. 2015. “Patterns of Misreporting Intimate Partner Violence Using Matched Pairs.” Violence and Victims 30(2):179-193.

Kreager, Derek A., Richard Felson, Cody Warner and Marin R. Wenger. 2013 “Women’s Education, Marital Violence, and Divorce: A Social Exchange Perspective.” Journal of Marriage and Family 75(3):565-581.