Megan Denver received her Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from the University at Albany.  Her research interests include: criminal record stigma, employment and recidivism, theories of desistance and life course theory, criminological theory and public policy, and mixed methods.

Research Interests

Criminal Records | Employment and Recidivism | Desistance | Life Course | Policy | Mixed Methods


Ph.D. 2017, University at Albany; Criminal Justice

M.A. 2009, University of Delaware; Sociology

B.A. 2007, University of Delaware; Criminal Justice and Sociology

Selected Publications

Denver, Megan, Justin T. Pickett, and Shawn D. Bushway. Criminal Records and Employment: A Survey of Experiences and Attitudes in the United States. (Online First, Justice Quarterly)

Denver, Megan, Justin T. Pickett, and Shawn D. Bushway. 2017. The Language of Stigmatization and the Mark of Violence: Experimental Evidence on the Social Construction and Use of Criminal Record Stigma. Criminology 55(3): 664-90.

Denver, Megan, Garima Siwach, and Shawn D. Bushway. 2017. A New Look at the Employment and Recidivism Relationship through the Lens of a Criminal Background Check. Criminology 55(1): 174-204.