Patricia Y. Warren, Associate Professor, completed her Ph.D. in 2005 from North Carolina State University in Sociology. Professor Warren’s first area of research focuses on race/ethnicity as an organizing principle that structures the way individuals are treated across varied criminal justice outcomes.  Her next area of research explores contextual characteristics and how they condition judicial decision-making. Professor Warren was recently received the 2011 McKnight Faculty Fellowship. She is also a member of the Racial Democracy, Crime and Justice Network sponsored by Ohio State University and the National Science Foundation.

Research Interests

Sentencing | Racial and Gender Stratification | Racial Threat | Racial Profiling | Crime and Social Control


Ph.D. 2005, North Carolina State University; Sociology

M.S. 1999, North Carolina Central University; Criminal Justice

B.A. 1994, North Carolina Central University; Criminal Justice


Disproportionate Minority Contact. Co-PI with Dr. Eric Stewart. Funded by Florida Department ofJuvenile Justice ($100,000), January 2016-January 2017.

Responsible Conduct of Research and Creativity & Professional Standards Faculty Award, Co-PI with Dr. Sonja Siennick, Summer 2012 ($10,000)

Florida State University, Committee on Faculty Research Support (COFRS), Summer 2011

McKnight Junior Faculty Fellowship, Fall 2010-Spring 2011

Crime and Justice Summer Institute: Broadening Perspectives and Participation. Criminal Justice Research Center, Ohio State University and the National Science Foundation, July 2008.

Florida State University, First Year Assistant Professor Award ($16,000).

Recent Publications

Berg, Mark, Eric Stewart, Jon Intravia, Patricia Y. Warren and Ronald L. Simons. 2016. “Cynical Streets: Neighborhood Social Processes and Perceptions of Criminal Injustice” Criminology. 54(3):520-547.

Mears, Dan., Eric Stewart, Patricia Y. Warren and Ronald L. Simons. 2016. “Culture and Formal Social control: The Effect of the Code of the Street on Police and Court Decision-making.” Justice Quarterly.

Intravia, Jon, Eric Stewart, Patricia Y. Warren and Kevin T. Wolff. 2016. “Neighborhood Disorder and Generalized Trust: A Multilevel Mediation Examination of Fear and Negative Police Efficacy” Journal of Criminal Justice, 46 148-158.

Devon, Johnson, Patricia Y. Warren and Amy Farrell . 2015. “Deadly Injustice: Trayvon Martin, Race and the Criminal Justice System” New York University Press.

Patricia Warren, Ted Chiricos, William Bales. 2012. “The Imprisonment Penalty for Young Black and Hispanic Males” Journal of Research in Crime & Deliquency.

Selected Publications

Warren, Patricia. Ted Chiricos, William Bales. (2012).  “The Imprisonment Penalty for Young Black and Hispanic Males: A Crime-Specific Analysis.” Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency. 49:56-80.

Warren, Patricia Y., Eric Stewart and Donald Tomaskovic-Devey, and Marc Gertz. (2012).  “White’s Residential Preferences:  Re-Assessing the Relevance of Criminal and Economic Stereotypes.”  Race and Justice. 2(4): 231-249.

Patricia Y. Warren. (2011). “Perceptions of Police Disrespect During Vehicle Stops:  A Race-Based Analysis.” Crime and Delinquency 57(3): 356-376.

Like-Haislip, Toya and Patricia Y. Warren. (2011). “Routine Activities and Female Victimization: Race and Ethnicity at Its Intersection.”  Violence and Victims, 26(1): 88-102.

Patricia Y. Warren, Donald, Tomaskovic-Devey, William R. Smith, Matthew Zingraff, Marcinda Mason. (2006).  “Driving While Black: Bias Processes and Racial Disparity in stops.” Criminology, 44(3), 709-736.