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The Role Model Program has assembled a large list of Internet links that the Program feels are very helpful resources for those interested in Juvenile Justice issues.  The topics of the links include minority males, females, drugs, gangs, mentoring, general juvenile justice issues, and others. 

The links are a collection of federal, state, private, and personal websites that discuss a variety of topics in juvenile and criminal justice. If you need research information for your school project or just want to know more about juvenile justice issues, these links are sure to provide you with the correct information. Below the categories are a collection of links highly recommended by the JJRMDP that are essential for any individual interested in juvenile or criminal justice to know.  If you would like to suggest a website, please send it by email.

JJRMDP Recommended Internet Links

Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Page

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

Justice Information Center (NCJRS)