Are You Interested in Studying Abroad this Summer? Join Us for the 6 Week Israel Study Abroad Program from May 8th to June 14th (Summer B)

October 7, 2011

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The Israel Study Abroad Program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore the wonders and historical sites of Israel in a safe and secure environment.

Program participants will learn about Arab-Israeli relations, courts, police, and prisons through both their classes and excursions. Studying in Israel provides American students with an opportunity to experience unique minority group relations in a culture outside the United States. The opportunity to visit this important area of the world is vital for truly understanding the historical, political, and cultural importance of Israel in international relations.

A typical week in the program will consist of classes at the beginning of each week and various academic and historical tiyulim (field trips) at the end of the week. All trips will be facilitated by an Israeli guide and monitored for security purposes. Classes will be conducted by an Israeli professor, an FSU professor, FSU graduate students, and occasionally guest lecturers. The classes being taught are Israeli Politics and Society, Israeli Literature and Culture, Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice, International Terrorism, and International Justice Systems (some of these courses are cross-listed with other majors as well). Students will be living on a kibbutz, which offers a complete cultural experience through their interaction with the residents, allowing them to live and work alongside Israelis. Ultimately, the program offers an amazing opportunity to learn and understand the Israeli way of life and provide an unforgettable experience abroad for students of all disciplines.

We encourage you to visit our website. If you have any questions please contact Christi Falco or Thomas Baker.