Criminology Professors Honored with University Awards

April 22, 2016

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College of Criminology and Criminal Justice professors Brian Stults and Daniel Mears have been honored with 2015-16 University Awards for their outstanding contributions to the students of the College and Florida State University.

Dr. Stults was selected by a committee of faculty and students to receive the 2015-16 Graduate Teaching Award. The University Teaching Award recognizes teaching excellence as multi-faced, involving areas such as providing a positive role model to students, imparting a respect for truth and a love of learning, challenging students’ thinking and assumptions, showing respect for all persons, and innovative instructional techniques.

Dr. Mears was selected by the awards committee to receive the 2015-16 Graduate Faculty Mentor Award. Dr. Mears was recognized for his expert and dedicated supervision of the College’s graduate students and making a difference in their overall experience.

Both Dr. Stults and Dr. Mears will be presented their awards on April 27 at the Faculty Awards Dinner.