Criminology Student Laymon Nicks Serves as FSU Student Body President

October 20, 2008

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Making the most of his time here at FSU, Criminology and Criminal Justice student and student government president Laymon Hicks understands the challenges students face in doing well in coursework while balancing many additional responsibilities and preparing for the future. He recently spoke about his experiences and offered valuable insight to other students.

“My experiences as a Criminology and Criminal Justice student have been rewarding. Coming from a magnet high school program with a law and criminal justice curriculum, and getting here and majoring in criminology and criminal justice has been absolutely phenomenal! I have enhanced my critical thinking skills and expanded my knowledge in the field due to what I’ve learned in my coursework, and I’m applying what I’ve learned in the classroom to things outside of the classroom, such as in making the many important decisions about students and their lives that I must make as the student government president.

“It has been great to have professors who care deeply about their subject matter and about students’ understanding of the material; I really appreciate their enthusiasm. In courses outside the College, low attendance or students sleeping in the back of the class isn’t uncommon, but in criminology and criminal justice classes students are engaged and feel part of the educational process.

The best way for other students to make the most of their undergraduate experience is to get up, get out, and go get it! In order to get, you must ASK (Actively Seek Knowledge). Find organizations that will embrace your time, talent and treasures. Opportunities don’t present themselves until you make the first move and if you sit back idly waiting, you might miss out. But remember, we are all here to graduate with a degree, not a position or a title.”