Message from the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice

June 8, 2020

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The College of Criminology and Criminal Justice is mournful over the unjust deaths of numerous members of the Black community by law enforcement. We know that these tragic events are not unique to law enforcement. Rather, they reflect systemic racism in our country. Communities of color in the United States have endured violence and disparate treatment by the criminal justice system far too long. Racism and the associated racialization of crime must end.

We are absolute in our mission of “Research Brought to Life” and teaching practices that actively engage, pursue and contribute to policies and practices that place the elimination of racism and discrimination at the forefront of America’s criminal justice policy agenda. We are saddened by the series of recent and past events, and we are resolute in our commitment to contribute to real solutions to the historic racial inequality and injustice by our criminal justice system.

We encourage our current and future students to become involved in research, and other educational and service efforts that will challenge racism in criminal justice and our larger society. We also encourage our alumni to make a difference by challenging the organizations they work within to confront racism.

The College of Criminology and Criminal Justice will continue to join efforts with Florida State University to seek an end to the violent and disparate treatment of Black men and women, and all communities of color, by our nation’s criminal justice system. Together, we can and will make a difference.