Nole to ProfessioNole Fall 2015 Workshop Dates and Topics Announced

August 4, 2015

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We are pleased to announce that the topics and dates for the Fall 2015 Nole to ProfessioNole Workshops have been announced.   These workshops provide students with valuable information and skills to help them navigate their own career path.  Topics discussed range from basic resume writing to a complete job/internship checklist.  All workshops will take place in Eppes Hall, Room 215 and last from 3:00PM until 4:00PM (unless otherwise stated).  Here are the topics of the workshops and their respective dates:

Tuesday, September 1st
Resume Writing/ Cover Letters: Students will learn how to develop and build their resume and cover letters.

Tuesday, September 8th
Conquer the Career Fair: Students will learn how to write a professional email, how to make a professional phone call, how to conduct proper introductions, develop their elevator pitch, and proper handshake techniques.

Tuesday, September 22nd
Going to Graduate School/ Gap Year: Students will learn about the graduate school process, such as reasons to go and not to go. They will also learn about personal statement writing. Students would also learn about options of programs they can get involved in during a gap year before heading to graduate or professional school.

Tuesday, September 29th
Build Your Brand: Students will learn the importance of building their brand via social media, including: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Students will also learn the benefits of consistency on all professional documents like resume’s, cover letters, etc.

Tuesday, October 6th
Dress to Impress: Students will learn how to dress for interviews, how to dress for a business dinner, and the differences between business formal dress and business casual dress.

Tuesday, October 13th
Interviewing and Job Negotiation: Students will learn basic interviewing techniques for an interview for an internship/job/graduate school and how to conduct an informational interview, as well as how to negotiate once an offer is made and what types of items might be negotiable.

Tuesday, October 20th
Job and Internship Checklist: Students will learn internship and job searching skills and how to prepare for an internship or full time position.