PhD student J.C. Barnes Named 2008 Outstanding Graduate Student

October 7, 2008

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FSU criminology PhD student J.C. Barnes has been named the 2008 Outstanding Graduate Student by the Southern Criminal Justice Association (SCJA). SCJA sponsors a regional competition each year to recognize a graduate student for his or her accomplishments and potential. Barnes is the first FSU criminology students to receive this honor.

Barnes joined the FSU graduate program in Fall 2006 after receiving his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of South Carolina. He is an active scholar and has an already lengthy list of publications:

  • Kleck, Gary and J.C. Barnes. Forthcoming. “Deterrence and Macro-level Perceptions of Punishment Risks: Is There a ‘Collective Wisdom’?” Crime and Delinquency.
  • Barnes, J.C., T. Dukes, R. Tewksbury, and T. DeTroye. Forthcoming. ”Analyzing the Impact of Residency Restriction Zones on South Carolina Sex Offenders.“ Criminal Justice Policy Review.
  • Barnes, J.C., J.M. Miller, H.V. Miller, and C. Gibson. Forthcoming. ”Juvenile Drug Court Program Admission, Demeanor, and Cherry-picking: A Research Note.“ American Journal of Criminal Justice.
  • Beaver, Kevin M., J. Eagle Shutt, Brian B. Boutwell, Marie Ratchford, Kathleen Roberts, and J.C. Barnes. Forthcoming. ”Genetic and Environmental Influences on Levels of Self-Control and Delinquent Peer Affiliation.“ Criminal Justice and Behavior.
  • Miller, J.M., H.V Miller, and J.C. Barnes. 2007. ”An Examination of Demeanor and Juvenile Drug Court Admission.“ Criminal Justice Policy Review.
  • Shutt, J.E. and J.C. Barnes. Forthcoming. ”Reexamining Criminal Justice ‘Star Power’ in a Larger Sky: A Belated Response to Rice et al. on Sociological Influence in Criminology and Criminal Justice.“ Journal of Criminal Justice Education.

Officially established in 1972, SCJA is a professional association serving criminal justice educators, researchers, practitioners, and students committed to the ongoing development of criminal justice science and practice.