Select Online Courses Available During Summer Term to Campus Students for Credit

May 7, 2013

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The College of Criminology and Criminal Justice is excited to share that we are offering a new pilot program during the summer 2013 semester. Starting with the Summer C term, campus students can choose to take elective classes online that will count toward criminology major requirements!

CJL 4038: Law, Society and the Administration of Justice, CCJ 4938: Criminal Justice Policy, and CCJ 4614: Criminal and Delinquent Behavior will be available for the Summer C term and will count toward the Criminology major elective requirement.

It is important to highlight, though, that if you’ve been enrolled in these classes on campus you cannot receive dual credit for them. To receive credit, this must be the FIRST time students have taken the course unless they are re-enrolling because they failed the class in a prior semester. Also, please note that online courses have technology fees associated with them; therefore the cost of these courses will be slightly higher than the cost of campus courses.

We are very excited about offering this opportunity to our students and hope many will take full advantage of it. We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you online this summer!

Summer C Term Registration Windows:

Continuing students: 6/20 8:00 AM and 6/21 11:59 PM

Add/drop for all students: 6/22 8:00 AM and 6/27 11:59 PM

First day of Summer C Classes: 6/24