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Jillian Turanovic

Jillian Turanovic received her Ph.D. in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Arizona State University. Her research focuses on various issues in criminological theory and correctional policy, with a special focus on victimization, violence, and the life course. She is the author of Thinking About Victimization: Context and Consequences (Routledge, 2019), and the co-editor of Revitalizing Victimization Theory: Revisions, Applications, and New Directions (Routledge, 2021). Her research has been supported by grants from the National Institute of Justice, the National Science Foundation, the Office for Victims of Crime, and Arnold Ventures. She received the 2019 Ruth Shonle Cavan Young Scholar Award from the American Society of Criminology.

Research Interests

Violent Victimization | Crime and Deviance | Incarceration | Life Course


Ph.D. 2015, Arizona State University; Criminology and Criminal Justice

M.S. 2011, Arizona State University; Criminology and Criminal Justice

B.A. 2009, Grant MacEwan University; Psychology



A Mixed-Methods Examination of the Unique Root Causes of School Violence. National Institute of Justice ($577,496), 2022-2024.

The Sources and Consequences of Prison Violence. Arnold Ventures ($2,712,673), 2020-2022.

A Comprehensive Assessment of Deadly Mass Shootings, 1980-2018. National Institute of Justice ($289,810), 2019-2020.

Stars of HOPE Program Impact Study. New York Says Thank You Foundation ($25,000), 2018.

Palm Beach County Victim Services Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Related Deaths Demonstration Project. Office for Victims of Crime ($579,965), 2017-2020.

Examining Race and Gender Disparities in Restricted Housing Placements. W.E.B. DuBois Fellowship Program, National Institute of Justice ($100,000), 2017-2018. 

Individual, Institutional, and Community Sources of School Violence: A Meta-Analysis. National Institute of Justice ($380,122), 2016-2018. 

Understanding Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Differences in the Relationship between Prison Visitation and Recidivism. National Science Foundation ($168,946), 2016-2017. 

The Heterogeneous Consequences of Adolescent Victimization in Early Adulthood. First Year Assistant Professor Summer Award, Florida State University ($20,000), 2016.

Recent Publications


Turanovic, Jillian J., Travis C. Pratt, Teresa C. Kulig, and Francis T. Cullen. (2022). Confronting School Violence: A Synthesis of Six Decades of Research. Cambridge University Press.         

Turanovic, Jillian J. and Melinda Tasca. (2022). Conditions of Contact: Reexamining the Relationship between Prison Visitation and Recidivism. Justice Quarterly 39:923-952.

Young, Brae and Jillian J. Turanovic. (2022). Spatial Distance as a Barrier to Visitation for Incarcerated Youth and Why Families Overcome It. Justice Quarterly 39:354-378.

Turanovic, Jillian J. and Sonja E. Siennick. (2022). Causes and Consequences of School Violence: A Review. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice.

Selected Publications

Turanovic, Jillian J., Travis C. Pratt, Teresa C. Kulig, and Francis T. Cullen. 2021. Confronting School Violence: A Synthesis of Six Decades of Research. Cambridge University Press.

Turanovic, Jillian J. and Travis C. Pratt. 2021. “Meta-Analysis in Criminology and Criminal Justice: Challenging the Paradigm and Charting a New Path Forward.” Justice Evaluation Journal4:21-47.

Turanovic, Jillian J. 2019. “Heterogeneous Effects of Adolescent Violent Victimization on Problematic Outcomes in Early Adulthood.” Criminology 57:105-135.

Turanovic, Jillian J. and Melinda Tasca. 2019. “Inmates’ Experiences with Prison Visitation.” Justice Quarterly 36:287-322.


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