Alumni & Friends

Fallen Officer Memorial & Scholarship

Honoring Our Own

The College of Criminology and Criminal Justice has raised the sufficient funds needed to erect the Fallen Officer Memorial.

Currently under construction, the Fallen Officer Memorial will be located within the Eppes Memorial Garden, creating a reflective atmosphere to remember and honor FSU Criminology and Criminal Justice alumni who have lost their lives while serving in the line of duty.

Please help us continue to honor our fallen and assist our future law enforcement leaders by supporting the Fallen Officer Scholarship.

Your meaningful gift will make a tremendous impact in a student’s ability to obtain a world-class education here at the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice. An education they will use to serve and protect our communities in the future.

To learn more about the Fallen Officer Scholarship and/or make a donation, please contact Director of Development Eden Thorne at 850-645-7585.

The College wishes to thank those who generously contributed to the Fallen Officer Memorial…

John S. and Rachel L. Adams Benson T. and Judy A. Green Police Officer Assistance Trust
Nathan P. and Alicia E. Adams Betty O. Green Kori L. Pruett
Nathan Allcorn Joanne H. and Colin T. Greseth Cassandra L. Rayne Gross and Max J. Gross
James A. Along Michael D. and Stephanie Grogan Hamilton E. and Jennifer L. Reed
Kenneth L. Anderson Patricia Grogan John D. and Sue N. Rees
Daniel L. Ball Doris Gump Keegan C. Reilly
Brian P. and Nancy L. Battaglia Carter H. Hay Robert A. Rice
Roy R. and Laura E. Bedard Mary J. Heaney Alissa Rich
Debra D. Billard Jennifer K. Holmwood Claudia G. Richbourg
Thomas G. and Jeanine Blomberg Robert E. Holroyd Michael A. and Barbra J. Riley
Charles T. Bolyard Home by Choice Cares, Inc. Paula R. Riley
Louise J. and John K. Bradshaw Jacksonville Seminole Club Carla Rivera
Lisa R. Brock and Farrukh Quraishi Robert J. Jakubik David B. Saunders
Jennifer M. Brown Susanne Jorgensen and Drew M. Levine Nancy L. Savage
Stephen T. and Yvonne T. Brown Max P. Kelly James D. Sewell
Alan F. Byrnes Stephen E. Kinsey Susan Sharpe
Andrea Calitri David P. Kirchner Rita M. and Richard A. Steiner
Geoffrey C. Cannon Knight Marketing, Inc. Brian M. and Susan M. Stephens
Christopher and Joan Chase Thomas M. and Tracy L. Knight Rebecca S. Stevens
William S. and Kathleen B. Cheek V. Dave Kohl Kyndal Strohecker
Gerald M. and Dorothy J. Collins Lancaster & Eure, P.A. Brian J. Stults
Joseph C. and Janet C. Cornwell Elizabeth A. and Robert L. Lastinger Mary A. Stutzman
John D. Cotterman Jerome J. Lewis Swisher International, Inc.
William G. Courtney Rodney L. Lewis The Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, Inc.
Sally A. Dahlem Thomas A. and Jeanne F. Lyons William E. and Heather C. Thomas
Kimberly J. and Gregory S. Dalferes Nathan A. MacDonald Eden D. Thorne
Ryan A. Dehner Marjorie H. Mahan Sean M. Tidmus
Jerry L. and Valdez B. Demings Dwayne E. Mahony Christopher P. Tracy
Kevin E. D. and Shekira E. Derryberry Joshua W. and Jessica A. Massey Major A. and Linda S. Treadway
Deborah J. and Brian A. Donaldson Michael O. McAuliffe Phyllis S. and Cyrus J. Underwood
Carson J. Dunbar Ella F. McClellan John A. and Linda R. Van Wagenen
Maegan M. and Kerry C. Dustin Michael I. McGee Jesse C. and Nancy P. Vance
Curtis D. and Jaibun K. Earp William C. Megary Rodney L. Vance
Tammie H. and Carl Eldred Michelle C. Moge Laura A. Varble
Daniel S. Elliott Walton C. and Karen L. Murphree Robert C. and Lindsay J. Volpe
Rosemary B. Eure and Robert W. Brown Mutual of America Richard B. and Carole B. Wade
Eileen M. Fisher Timothy H. Myers Carl F. Weaver
Paul D. FitzGerald Harry M. and Constance G. Parsons James F. Whalen
Edward Fleck Shawn Payne Thomas P. and Karen L. Wheeler
Florida Police Benevolent Association, Inc. Christopher C. Pennell David M. Wiesenfeld and Elizabeth H. Rio
James P. Foster George B. and Sherrie L. Pesta Robert C. Winfree
G4S Secure Solutions (USA), Inc. Thomas R. Phelps Stuart T. and Helen Winfree
The GEO Group, Inc. Kevin R. Pierce Kristen J. Witt
Jerry A. and Carolyn S. Glass Benna Player James E. Wright