Center for Criminology and Public Policy Research

Crime Victim Research and Policy Institute

Advancing research and evidence-based practice for victims of crime.

The Crime Victim Research and Policy Institute is committed to advancing research on victimization and its consequences and collaborating with victim service professionals to develop evidence-based, victim-focused policies. The Institute is dedicated to: (1) Fostering partnerships between researchers and victim service providers, (2) Conducting research to advance knowledge on victimization and its consequences, (3) Improving services to victims, (4) Giving victims and service providers a voice in policy and practice recommendations, and (5) Informing victim-focused policies at the local, state, and national levels.


  • Palm Beach County Victim Services
  • Florida Office of the Attorney General


DIRECTOR | Jillian Turanovic, Ph.D.

CO-DIRECTOR | Krista R. Flannigan, J.D.

For more information on the Crime Victim Research and Policy Institute, contact George Pesta or Jillian Turanovic.