Center for Criminology and Public Policy Research


An indicator of the College’s national reputation and major achievement has been the selection of the College and College faculty to edit four respected and widely read professional journals: Criminology and Public Policy (CPP), Criminology, Justice Quarterly and Social Problems. These selections have positioned the College as an influential presence in criminological research and publications and provides valuable experience for several graduate students each year who assist in various journal editorial processes.

Since 2007 the College has held the editorship of one of the most prominent journals in the field of Criminology. Criminology and Public Policy (CPP) is a top research and policy journal and an official publication of the American Society of Criminology (ASC). It is a peer-review journal that is devoted to the study of criminal justice policy and practice. Graduate students gain insightful publications experience as managing editors. Dr. William Bales is co-editor of CPP since 2013. Dr. Thomas Blomberg, Dean and Sheldon L. Messinger Professor of Criminology served as editor from 2007 – 2012.

College faculty are involved in editing other top journals in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Dr. Eric Baumer, Allen E. Liska Professor of Criminology, is co-editor of Criminology, the flagship journal of the ASC.  The journal is interdisciplinary in nature, devoted to crime and deviant behavior, as found in sociology, psychology, design, systems analysis, and decision theory as applied to crime and criminal justice.

Dr. Eric Stewart is deputy editor of Justice Quarterly,the flagship journal of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.

Dr. Theodore Chiricos, William Julius Wilson Professor of Criminology held the editorship of Social Problems, one of the most widely read journals in the social sciences, from 2008-2011.

The College holds ownership of the Journal of Drug Issues (JDI).  As a leader in its field, JDI is an instrument widely used by research scholars, public policy analysts, and those involved in the day-to-day struggle against the problem of drug abuse.  Published quarterly, it is dedicated to providing a professional and scholarly forum centered on the national and international problems associated with drugs, especially illicit drugs. It is a refereed publication with international contributors and subscribers. The graduate student holding the Rachin Fellowship is the assistant editor of the journal. Dr. Kevin Beaver is editor of JDI.