Student Testimonials

According to our students, you won’t find a better program.


“I looked at several graduate school programs prior to choosing Florida State University. The program has always been rated as one of the best and has a national reputation for excellence. It has truly changed my “police-way” of thinking and has enhanced my career. I was a lieutenant when I started the program and I have since been promoted – twice! I should have started the FSU online criminal justice graduate program sooner.”

— Ronald W. McMullen
Major, Special Operations Division
Tampa Police Department, Florida
Summer 2017 Master’s Graduate


Richard_Mello“I selected Florida State University based upon its reputation and standing as one of the premiere criminal justice graduate programs in the country. My experience in the program did not disappoint as I found it both challenging and rewarding. The online facilitation was seamless and each professor pushed me to get the most from my education. I am confident that my degree from Florida State University will make a difference in my career.”

— Richard Mello
Police Chief
Lebanon Police Department, New Hampshire
Summer 2015 Master’s Graduate


“Florida State’s Criminal Justice Program is amongst the most respected in the Country. The curriculum and professors provided me with the foundation needed to compete on a national level to fulfill my life-long ambition of serving as a Chief of Police.”

— David Rahinsky
Chief of Police
City of Grand Rapids Police Department, Michigan
Summer 2011 Master’s Graduate


“The curriculum that I was taught in the FSU master’s degree online program was relevant and cutting edge with what is going on in the CJ world today. The texts used were up to date and the issues discussed were thought provoking and interesting. This online master’s program took my love for the criminal justice system to a new level. I feel that it was a great investment in my future for the money.”

Magdalene McDonald
Hometown: Dahlonega, Georgia
2011 Criminal Justice Studies Master’s Graduate
Legal Advocate for Family Violence Organization


“In today’s world, education and experience are paramount for success. I chose FSU’s College of Criminology and Criminal Justice to pursue my Master’s degree, because I knew their reputation among the Criminal Justice profession. After meeting the staff and faculty in person, I knew that the reputation was accurate, so I jumped in full speed. Working full time in the criminal justice industry and raising a family, while pursuing a graduate education are not always easy to juggle. My professors were flexible, but yet still maintained a high level of integrity and professionalism to deliver my courses. The program of study was intense, practical, and very relevant to today’s society and all of the things that make our criminal justice system work. This degree has positioned me to be a better leader, educator, and officer. I also made new friends and connections that will benefit me throughout my career. I’ll be a Seminole for life and I would recommend this program to anyone looking to make an impact in the criminal justice system. Whether you are an agency leader, veteran officer, or just looking to break into the criminal justice field, the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice at FSU will provide you with the opportunity to make a difference!”

Sean Lynch
2012 Criminal Justice Studies Master’s Graduate
Director of Criminal Justice at Northwest Florida State College


“The online program is better than I had expected. The professors handle their courses professionally and are always available for assistance if needed. I can definitely see why FSU is rated as one of the best Criminology Programs in the country. The courses are both fun and interactive and will assist anyone looking for a Graduate degree with the level of knowledge and expertise required for almost any position within the Criminology realm. I am very pleased with the program and my professors.”

Tyler Enoch
Current Student
US Navy Submarine Yeoman


“I am extremely grateful for FSU’s online Master’s program, because with a full time job and a family, I wouldn’t be able to continue with my graduate level studies without this program. It allows me the opportunity to attend grad school without having to find time to get to campus for classes. It still provides the challenging education you would expect from grad school, but allows you to fit school into your schedule, rather than trying to fit your schedule around school.”

Kristina Grindstaff
Current Student
Legal Assistant/Paralegal at Stone & Sutton, PA