College’s Presentation on Financial Exploitation of Aging Adults Featured in OLLI Times

March 3, 2020

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On Feb. 13, Dean Blomberg and Center for Criminology & Public Policy Research Co-Director Julie Brancale presented their research on the financial exploitation of aging adults to members of the University’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). This month, OLLI featured material from their presentation in the organization’s news magazine, the OLLI Times.

OLLI at FSU is a scholarly program of classes for mature adults. In the feature article, the OLLI Times discussed the College’s continuing focus on the causes, methods, and prevention of financial exploitation of older adults and provided information about community and national resources available for victims of elder fraud.

Noting the alarming trends in the increase of fraud among older adults, OLLI Times focused on Dean Blomberg and Dr. Bancale’s findings on the facts, prevention, and policies related to this type of fraud.

“We need to have better first hand knowledge of how extensive the problem of financial fraud is among older adults in order to develop needed policies and practices that can effectively reduce this growing problem,” said Dean Blomberg.

OLLI noted that Dean Blomberg and Dr. Brancale addressed four questions through their research: One, what are the most common types of financial fraud perpetrated against older adults? Two, what roles do salient life events, such as retirement, death of a spouse, and declining health have on the risk of financial fraud among older adults? Three, what are protective factors against the financial exploitation of older adults? Four, what are the consequences of fraud victimization for older adults?

Discussing the research, OLLI noted that Dean Blomberg and Dr. Bancale’s findings support that older adults need a three-prong approach to avoid being victims of financial fraud: education, a healthy skepticism, and strong social networks.

“This is just another example of how the College is working to bring research to life,” said Blomberg. “Here, the College’s research provides real insight into problems confronting some of Florida’s most vulnerable citizens, older adults, as well as recommendations for the prevention of financial exploitation of older adults.”

View the March 2020 issue of the OLLI Times here.

Download the OLLI presentation “Aging Adults, Turning Points, and Thresholds Resulting in Financial Exploitation” from the Related Links box.