Cooperative Research Enables Scientifically Grounded Correctional Policies and Data Gathering for Criminology Research

November 22, 2005

Filed Under: Research

The Florida State University Office of Research on behalf of the Center for Criminology and Public Policy Research has formed a cooperative research relationship with the Florida Department of Corrections (DOC) through a Memorandum of Understanding. This formal agreement paves the way for collaborative research projects and the solicitation of grant funded projects relating to the field of corrections.

The agencies have agreed to share research data to provide the tools necessary to conduct studies in the areas of program evaluations and policy relevant research. This is a significant step in bringing together the unique expertise available at FSU and DOC to facilitate scientifically grounded correctional policies.

The FSU Center for Criminology and Public Policy Research is a branch of the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice and was established to enhance its contribution to scientifically informed criminal justice policies and practices. The Florida Department of Corrections is committed to using sound, empirical research to address policy questions and ensure that correctional practices are made as efficient and effective as possible. This cooperative agreement brings together the resources, skills, and staff of the two organizations to conduct scientifically based, defensible, and independent research that will inform correctional policy throughout Florida.