Faculty Member Ranks Among “Hit Parade” of Scholarly Productivity

October 26, 2017

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College of Criminology and Criminal Justice faculty member Dr. Kevin Beaver, Judith Rich Harris Professor of Criminology, is among the most productive criminology and criminal justice scholars in the nation. The designation was determined in a recent article published in the Journal of Criminal Justice Education  — Citation Trajectories of Academic Stars from the “Hit Parade””, by Wesley G. Jennings.

Dr. Beaver was found the most productive criminologist among the Hit Parade’s “Academic Stars” in terms of publications per year since earning a Ph.D., and the second most productive criminologist overall. He was also recognized as having the highest average “h-index” (a blended measure of quality and quantity) of any criminologist evaluated in the study.

From the time of earning his Ph.D. in 2006, Dr. Beaver has published 248 articles and is publishing at a rate of more than 24 articles per year. His h-index per year is 3.20, more than .20 than the next highest criminologist in the study.

Dr. Beaver’s research in biosocial criminology has led to an empirical and theoretical resurgence in criminological inquiry. His research findings have provided compelling evidence that various forms of criminal and violent behavior reflect both nurture  (i.e., social environment) and nature (i.e., individual biology).

Congratulations to Dr. Beaver on this impressive accomplishment.