New Relgalf Scholarship Pays Undergraduate Tuition and Living Expenses for Four Years

December 7, 2007

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New scholarships prepare law enforcement officers for service in small departments.

There are more than 18,000 police agencies in the United States. About 75 percent of them employ fewer than 25 officers. These agencies are often seen as training ground for larger departments who can afford more sophisticated recruiting and stronger compensation packages. The Relgalf Charitable Foundation in Florida has established several special scholarships for FSU criminology students with the hope of sending students preparing for law enforcement careers to small police departments throughout the country.

Students chosen for the Relgalf Scholarship will receive tuition and living expenses for their four years of undergraduate study. In addition, the Relgalf Scholars will receive coursework scheduling guidance from expert College advisors and assistance securing summer internships, including positions in small, large, and foreign police departments.

Relgalf Scholars will be chosen each year from qualified high school seniors and current police officers who apply. After graduation, students are expected to obtain employment in a small U.S. police department.

High school seniors and current officers may apply for the scholarship at

Relgalf Scholarship details:

  • Created by the Relgalf Charitable Foundation to increase the resources for small U.S. police departments.
  • Awarded to undergraduate students who will serve in a small police department upon graduation.
  • First preference in given to current law enforcement officers in small departments (fewer than 21 officers).
  • Second preference is given to students who will become police officers
  • Relgalf Scholars receive full tuition and living expenses for four years of the undergraduate program.
  • Recipients must re-pay the award if they do not join a small police force upon graduation. (For each year they are in a small police department one-third of the scholarship amount is deducted from what they would owe. After three years of service, they owe nothing.)