Turanovic, Copp Join FSU Criminology and Criminal Justice Faculty

December 16, 2014

Filed Under: Faculty

The College of Criminology and Criminal Justice is excited to announce the recent expansion of its faculty.

Dr. Jennifer Copp is a National Institute of Justice postdoctoral fellow at Bowling Green State University. She recently received her Ph.D. from the same institution. Her work focuses on crime and other problem behaviors during adolescence and young adulthood, with a particular emphasis on intimate partner violence (IPV).

Jillian Turanovic is a doctoral candidate in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Arizona State University. Her work focuses on the causes and consequences of victimization, as well as on the collateral consequences of incarceration.

Both women will begin teaching classes during the fall of 2015.

To learn more about the College’s impressive faculty, please click here.