FSU’s College of Criminology and Criminal Justice is home to the nation’s number one criminology faculty in the world. Our team of experts is ranked number one in the nation for research productivity and are among the top 10 for grant acquisition, as demonstrated below. Many of our faculty are industry experts and offer extensive research on topics like gun control, biosocial criminology and social control, to name a few.

The list below contains nearly 1,000 peer-reviewed journal articles published by our faculty, many of which are co-authored with former and current graduate students. To the left is our one-of-a-kind filter box, which allows you to filter articles by topic and leverage our expertise for your personal interests and research endeavors. We hope you enjoy learning about criminology as much as we enjoy expanding the field of research.

Latest Research

Beaver, Kevin M. and Joseph L. Nedelec. 2015. “A Biosocial Explanation for Male-Female Differences in Criminal Involvement” The Biosocial Vs. Nurture Debate in Criminology: On the Origins of Criminal Behavior and Criminality.

Boutwell, Brian B., J.C. Barnes, and Kevin M. Beaver. 2015. “Why We Need a Nature/Nurture Book in Criminology” The Biosocial Vs. Nurture Debate in Criminology: On the Origins of Criminal Behavior and Criminality.

Ashley T. Rubin. 2015. “The Consequences of Prisoners’ Micro-Resistance.” Law and Social Inquiry.

Beaver, Kevin M. and Eric Connolly. 2014. “Key Findings from Biosocial Research and What They Mean for the Future of Criminology” Handbook of Biosocial Criminology.

Pratt, Travis C. and Jillian J. Turanovic. 2014. “General Theory of Crime” Oxford Handbook on Prisons and Imprisonment.

Beaver, Kevin M., Joseph A. Schwartz, and Jamie M. Gajos. 2014. “A Review of the Genetic and Gene-Environment Interplay Contributors to Antisocial Phenotypes” The Development of Criminal and Antisocial Behavior: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Applications.

Beaver, Kevin M. and Joseph A. Schwartz. 2014. “MAOA Genotype Contributes to Violent and Criminal Behaviors” Taking Sides:Controversial Issues in Crime and Delinquency (11th Edition).

Jackson, Dylan B. and Kevin M. Beaver. 2014. “The Impact of Physical Exercise on Inmate Offending and Violent Behavior: A Neurocognitive Perspective” The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Forensic Neuroscience.

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