About the College

Preparation for the 21st Century

At Florida State University’s College of Criminology and Criminal Justice, our top priority is to turn out graduates who possess critical, independent thinking skills. Our policy-defining research, collaborative study, and leadership engagement opportunities are just a few of the ingredients that help mold these skills.

Leading the Way

Our College of Criminology and Criminal Justice Building boasts fully integrated offices, classrooms, and labs, designed for student-faculty teamwork and easy access to the Center for Criminology and Public Policy Research.

It’s the ideal environment to house our forward-thinking, research-driven educational community, like our faculty, who are ranked #1 in the nation for research productivity and are among the top 10 for grant acquisition. They are also recognized as leading experts in their fields and serve as Editor and Co-Editor for some of the most important scholarly journals in our field, like Criminology, Criminology and Public Policy, and the Journal of Drug Issues. We look forward to building on our reputation as the most experienced and highest-ranked program in the nation.

The College At-A-Glance

Real-World Research: Scientific, evidence-based work that affects public policy and changes lives.

Academics: A collaborative learning community that inspires intellectual curiosity, where professors only teach classes in which they are experts.

Faculty: Home to the nation’s most prestigious faculty, which includes experts in gun control, corrections, biosocial criminology, sentencing, and social control.

Scholarly Leadership: College faculty serve as editor and co-editor for some of the most important scholarly journals in the field, including Criminology, Social Problems, Criminology, and Public Policy, and the Journal of Drug Issues.

Alumni: A network of professionals committed to the college’s mission of reducing the misery and suffering associated with crime.

Center for Criminology and Public Policy Research: A transformative experience in education, research, and policy. The Center continuously conducts federal, state, and local research in courts, corrections, and schools that improve quality-of-life outcomes.

Institute for the Prevention of Financial Fraud: Influencing public policy with empirically sound scholarship that identifies the conditions that have led to repeated failures of major financial institutions in the U.S.

Career Development: A top resource for employers seeking employees armed with the invaluable ability to think critically and independently. Students benefit from training in job search strategies, online portfolio development, interviewing skills, and internship opportunities.

Student Services: Where students are inspired to become the next generation of leaders in criminology and criminal justice.

Partnerships: The association with the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy allows students to earn their college degrees and State Officer Certifications at the same time, with the goal of turning out the most well-educated, highly trained police officers possible. Graduate students can also earn a joint degree through the partnership with FSU’s Askew School of Public Administration and Policy and the College of Social Work.

Professional Organizations: Where students engage in leadership opportunities outside the classroom. The Lambda Alpha Epsilon professional law enforcement fraternity is one of the nation’s oldest and the second largest chapter. Graduate students enjoy involvement with the industry’s most prestigious professional organization, the American Society of Criminology.

Distance Learning: The same degree as our on-campus degree, with flexible classes, taught only by college professors. As learners, wherever they live, enjoy in-state tuition rates.

The Next 60 Years? The Door is Wide Open.

The field of criminology is vastly different today than when the college graduated its first Ph.D. student in 1951. In fact, the rise of technology and instant global communications present new crime-fighting challenges. Yet we remain on the cutting edge of those challenges by modeling timely, innovative research that results in public policy solutions for the entire criminal justice community. We are fortunate to have some of the most generous and passionate supporters of any college of our kind in the nation- board members, alumni, individual donors, foundations, corporations, and within the criminal justice community. For our vital mission to continue at the highest possible level, your continued support will be foundational.