Volume 8 Issue 2

Offender Perspectives on Identity Theft

  • Editorial Introduction: Offenders or opportunities: Approaches to controlling identity theft, Michael L. Benson
  • Bounded rationality of identity thieves: Using offender-based research to inform policy, Heith Copes and Lynne M. Vieraitis
  • Policy Essay: Identity theft: Bounded rationality, research, and policy, Henry N. Pontell
  • Policy Essay: Policy thoughts on “Bounded rationality of identity thieves,” Graeme R. Newman

Structured Sentencing and Extralegal Disparities

  • Editorial Introduction: Equal justice versus individualized justice: Discretion and the current state of sentencing guidelines, Barbara A. Koons-Witt
  • Short- versus long-term effects of Ohio’s switch to more structured sentencing on extralegal disparities in prison sentences in an urban court, John Wooldredge
  • Policy Essay: Mandatory sentencing guidelines: The framing of justice, John H. Kramer
  • Policy Essay: Assessing determinate and presumptive sentencing-making research relevant, Rodney L. Engen

Racial Profiling, Politics, and Media

  • Editorial Introduction: Political influences on racial disparities in traffic enforcement practices, Jack McDevitt
  • Racial profiling and searches: Did the politics of racial profiling change police behavior? Patricia Y. Warren, Donald Tomaskovic-Devey
  • Policy Essay: Finding the right balance between data, research, findings, and policy in racial profiling, Alex R. Piquero
  • Policy Essay: Leveraging the politics of racial profiling to effectuate reform, David A. Harris

After-School Programs and Routine Activities

  • Editorial Introduction: The folk “wisdom” on after-school delinquency prevention programs, Marvin Krohn
  • The impact of after-school programs on the routine activities of middle-school students: Results from a randomized, controlled trial, Amanda Brown Cross, Denise C. Gottfredson, Denise M. Wilson, Melissa Rorie, and Nadine Connell
  • Policy Essay: Youth after-school programs: Time to involve the parents and community? Deborah M. Capaldi
  • Policy Essay: The impact of after-school programs on middle-school students’ policy implications, Shay Bilchik
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