Brendan Lantz

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Brendan Lantz

Brendan Lantz received his Ph.D. from The Pennsylvania State University.  His research interests focus on hate crime, violence, victimization, and co-offending.  He was a Bureau of Justice Statistics Graduate Research Fellow and was recently awarded the 2021 Academy New Scholar Award from the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS). His recent publications have appeared in British Journal of Criminology, Justice Quarterly, Psychology of Violence, Criminal Justice and Behavior, Crime & Delinquency, and Journal of Experimental Criminology, among others.

Research Interests

Hate and Bias Crime | Group Crime and Co-Offending | Violence | Victimization | Racial Disparities in The Criminal Justice System


Ph.D. 2017, The Pennsylvania State University; Criminology

M.A. 2013, The Pennsylvania State University; Crime, Law, & Justice

B.A. 2011, SUNY University at Albany; Criminal Justice


"Hate Crime Victimization and Reporting: Unraveling the Contextual Effects Using Data from the National Crime Victimization Survey" National Science Foundation ($236,985), 2021-2023

"Gender-Bias Motivated Fatal Shootings of Women in Florida, 2009-2019” Maura's Voice Research Foundation ($49,101), 2020.

"The Situational and Contextual Correlates of Non-Lethal and Lethal Firearm Violence: A Comparative Approach" FSU Council on Research and Creativity ($11,420), 2020-2021.

"Considering the Collateral Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Examining the Impact of the Pandemic on Prejudice, Hate Crime, and Victimization" FSU Office of Research Development ($13,125), 2020.

"The Relationship Between Victim Characteristics and Severity of Victimization: An Analysis of Within-Incident Differences in Victim Injury" FSU Council on Research and Creativity, First Year Assistant Professor Program ($20,000), 2018.

"Offending, Co-Offending, Crime, and the Law Enforcement Response: An Analysis of Individuals and Groups in the NIBRS Data, 2002-2012." U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics Graduate Research Fellowship Program for Criminal Justice Statistics ($150,000), 2016-2018.

Recent Publications

Lantz, Brendan, Marin R. Wenger, & Chloe J. Craig. 2021. What if They Were White? The Differential Arrest Consequences of Victim Characteristics for Black and White Co-offenders" Social Problems. 

Lantz, Brendan & Marin R. Wenger. 2021. "Are Asian Victims Less Likely to Report Hate Crime Victimization to the Police? Implications for Research and Policy in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic" Crime and Delinquency. 

Wenger, Marin R. & Brendan Lantz. 2021. "Hate Crime and Place: The Spatial and Temporal Concentration of Bias-Motivated Crime in Washington DC." Journal of Interpersonal Violence. 

Lantz, Brendan & Marin R. Wenger. 2021. “Guns, Groups, and the Southern Culture of Honor: Considering the Role of Co-offenders in Southern Firearm Violence.” Psychology of Violence, 11, 405-416.

Piatkowska, Sylwia J. & Brendan Lantz. 2021. “Temporal Clustering of Hate Crimes in the Aftermath of the Brexit Vote and the Manchester Arena Attack: A Comparison of Scotland and England and Wales.” British Journal of Criminology, 61, 648-669.

Selected Publications

Lantz, Brendan. 2021. "The Consequences of Crime in Company: Co-offending, Victim-Offender Relationship, and Quality of Violence." Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 36, 4363-4388.

Malcom, Zachary T. & Brendan Lantz. 2021. “Hate Crime Victimization and Weapon Use.” Criminal Justice and Behavior, 48, 1148-1165. 

Lantz, Brendan, Andrew S. Gladfelter, & R. Barry Ruback. 2019. Stereotypical Hate Crimes and Criminal Justice Processing: A Multi-Dataset Comparison of Bias Crime Arrest Patterns by Offender and Victim Race. Justice Quarterly, 36(3), 193-224.

Lantz, Brendan & Joonggon Kim. 2019. Hate Crimes Hurt More, but so do Co-offenders: Separating the Influence of Co-offending and Bias on Hate Motivated Injury. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 46(3), 437-456.

Lantz, Brendan & Robert Hutchison. 2015. Co-offender Ties and the Criminal Career: The Relationship Between Co-offender Group Structure and the Individual Offender. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 52(5), 658-690.


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