Bryan Holmes

Assistant Professor
Bryan Holmes

Bryan Holmes received his Ph.D in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati.  His research focuses on sentencing, criminal justice policies, discretion in court processes, and the predictors of discretionary decision-making. 

Research Interests

Discretion, Sentencing, Courts, Inequity in Punishment


Ph.D. 2022, University of Cincinnati, Criminal Justice

M.S. 2017, University of Cincinnati, Criminal Justice

B.S. 2016, University of Central Florida, Criminal Justice


Principal Investigator: 2020 National Institute of Justice Graduate Research Fellowship in the Social and Behavioral Sciences “The only thing constant is change: A longitudinal analysis of race, gender, and district-level effects in federal sentencing, 1998 – 2016.” Amount: $74,722

Selected Publications

Holmes, B., D’Amato, C., & Holmes, S.T. (2022). The offense-specific nature of gender and familial responsibility in United States federal sentencing, 2010 – 2016. Criminal Justice Policy Review, 33, 399-428. 

D’Amato, C., Holmes, B., & Feldmeyer, B. (2021). Economic competition and racial disparities in sentencing: A test of economic threat perspective. Social Sciences, 10, 206-230.

Holmes, B., Feldmeyer, B., & Kulig, T. (2020). Sentencing departures and focal concerns: The joint effect of race and gender on departures in United States District Courts. Journal of Crime and Justice, 43, 598-622.

Holmes, B., & D’Amato, C. (2020). Judicial and prosecutorial decision making: Assessing the effects of race, gender, and age on federal downward sentencing departures. Journal of Crime and Justice, 43, 449-466.

Holmes, B., & Feldmeyer, B. (2019).  Reassessing the influence of criminal history in federal criminal courts. Justice Quarterly, 36, 1206-1228.


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