Cecilia Chouhy

Associate Professor
Cecilia Chouhy

Cecilia Chouhy received her Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from University of Cincinnati. Her work focuses on conducting international tests of criminological theories, evaluating the effectiveness of correctional programs, and understanding the sources of public opinion about crime and punishment.

Research Interests

International Tests of Criminological Theories | Effectiveness of Correctional Programs | Public Opinion About Crime and Punishment


Ph.D., 2016, Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati

M.A., 2013, Economics, Universidad de la República, Uruguay

B.A., 2006, Sociology, Universidad de la República, Uruguay

Recent Publications

Chouhy, Cecilia, Peter Lehmann, and Alexa Singer “Exclusionary Citizenship: Public Punitiveness and Support for Voting Restrictions” Justice Quarterly. Published Online First.

Chouhy, Cecilia and James D. Unnever “Understanding Collective Efficacy as a Racialized Process: Examining the Relationship Between Discrimination and Perceptions of Collective Efficacy” Race and Social Problems. Published Online First.

Chouhy, Cecilia, Alexa Singer, and Peter Lehmann 2022 “From Punitiveness to Authoritarianism: Examining the Sources of Public Support for the Use of State Violence in Latin America” International Criminology, 2(2): 152–173.

Selected Publications

Chouhy, Cecilia, Joshua C. Cochran, and Cheryl Lero Jonson (eds.), 2020. Criminal Justice Theory: Explanations and Effects (Advances in Criminological Theory, Volume 27). New York: Routledge.

Chouhy, Cecilia, Francis C. Cullen, and Heejin Lee. 2020. “A Social Support Theory of Desistance” Journal of Developmental & Life-Course Criminology. 6(2): 204-223.

Chouhy, Cecilia and James D. Unnever 2022  “Is Collective Efficacy a Theory of Offending? Unraveling the Relationship between Individual-Level Perceptions of Collective Efficacy and Youth Offending” Justice Quarterly, 39(1): 51–77.

Lehmann, Peter S., Cecilia Chouhy, Alexa J. Singer, Jessica N. Stevens, and Marc Gertz. 2020. “Group Threat, Racial/Ethnic Animus, and Punitiveness in Latin America: A Multilevel Analysis” Race & Justice, Published Online First.

Singer, Alexa J., Cecilia Chouhy, Peter S. Lehmann, Jessica N. Walzak, and Marc Gertz. 2020. “Economic Anxieties, Fear of Crime, and Punitive Attitudes in Latin America” Punishment & Society. 22(2): 181-206.

Unnever, James D. and Cecilia Chouhy 2020 “Race, Racism, and the Cool Pose: Exploring Black and White Male Masculinity” Social Problems. Published Online First.

Walzak, Jessica N., Cecilia Chouhy, Alexa J. Singer, Peter S. Lehmann, and Marc Gertz. 2020. “The Blurred 'Blue line': a cross national comparison of the sources of public support for extralegal policing” Policing & Society, Published Online First.

Chouhy, Cecilia and Arelys Madero-Hernandez. 2019. “’Murderers, Rapists, and Bad Hombres’: Deconstructing the Immigration-Crime Myths” Victims& Offenders. 14(8): 1010-1039.


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