Marin R. Wenger

Assistant Professor
Marin R. Wenger

Marin Wenger received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Pennsylvania State University. Her work focuses on stratification, communities and crime, deviance, and quantitative methods.

Research Interests

Communities and Crime | Contextual Effects | Racial Stratification | Racial Disparity | Hate Crime | Deviance | Quantitative Methods


Ph.D. 2016, Pennsylvania State University; Sociology

M.A. 2012, Pennsylvania State University; Crime, Law and Justice

B.A. 2008, University of Michigan; Sociology


“The Longitudinal Multilevel Effects of Community Disadvantage, Income Inequality, and Residential Instability on Crime Rates” First Year Assistant Professor Award, Florida State University ($20,000), 2017.

Recent Publications

Lantz, Brendan, Marin R. Wenger, and Chloe J. Craig . 2021. “What if They Were White? The Differential Arrest Consequences of Victim Characteristics for Black and White Co-Offenders.” Social Problems.

Wenger, Marin R. and Brendan Lantz. 2021. “Hate Crime and Place: The Spatial and Temporal Concentration of Bias-Motivated Crime in Washington, DC.” Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Advance Online Publication. doi: 10.1177/0886260520987817.

Wenger, Marin R. and Michelle Frisco. 2021. “Extradyadic Sex and Psychological Distress among Married and Cohabiting Young Adults: An Examination of Internalized and Externalized Responses.” Journal of Family Issues 42(4):785-812.

Lantz, Brendan and Marin R. Wenger. 2020. “Guns, Groups, and the Southern Culture of Honor: Considering the Role of Co-offenders in Southern Firearm Violence.” Psychology of Violence. Advance Online Publication. doi: 10.1037/vio0000352.

Lantz, Brendan and Marin R. Wenger. 2020. “The Co-offender as Counterfactual: A Quasi-Experimental Approach to the Examination of the Relationship between Race and Arrest.” Journal of Experimental Criminology 16(2):183-206.

Selected Publications

Ramos, Javier and Marin R. Wenger. 2020. “Immigration and Recidivism: What is the Link?” Justice Quarterly 37(3):436-60.

Wenger, Marin R. 2019. “Separating the Influence of Inequality on Burglary and Robbery by Level of Analysis: A Multilevel Approach.” Social Science Research 81:42-60.

Wenger, Marin R. 2019. “Clarifying the Relationship between Racial Diversity and Crime: Neighborhoods versus Cities.” Crime and Delinquency 65(11):1513-36.

Wenger, Marin R. 2019. “Omitted Level Bias in Multilevel Research: An Empirical Test Distinguishing Block-Group, Tract, and City Effects of Disadvantage on Crime.” Justice Quarterly. Advance Online Publication. doi: 10.1080/07418825.2019.1649449.

Ramos, Javier and Marin R. Wenger. 2018. "Effects in Disguise: The Importance of Controlling for Constructs at Multiple Levels in Macro-Level Immigration and Crime Research." City and Community17(4):1100-18.


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