Megan Augustyn

Associate Professor
Megan Augustyn

Megan Augustyn’s research focuses on the study of the causes and consequences of crime, victimization, and other health-risk behaviors across the life course. 

Research Interests

Life Course | Victimization | Gangs | Violence against Women | Contacts with the Criminal Justice System | Research Methods and Statistics


Ph.D. 2013, University of Maryland; Criminology and Criminal Justice

M.A. 2009, University of Maryland; Criminology and Criminal Justice

B.A. 2006, University of Notre Dame; Sociology and Spanish

Selected Publications

Augustyn, M. B., & Willyard, K. C. (2022). The contextual influences of police and social service providers on formal help-seeking after incidents of intimate partner violence. Journal of interpersonal violence, 37(1-2), NP1077-NP1104.

Augustyn, M. B., & McGloin, J. M. (2021). Reconsidering the “gang effect” in the face of intermittency: Do first‐and second‐time gang membership both matter?. Criminology, 59(3), 419-453.

Augustyn, M. B., Rennison, C. M., Pinchevsky, G. M., & Magnuson, A. B. (2020). Intimate partner stalking among college students: examining situational contexts related to police notification. Journal of family violence, 35(7), 679-691.

Augustyn, M. B., Loughran, T., Philippi, P. L., Thornberry, T. P., & Henry, K. L. (2020). How early is too early? Identification of elevated, persistent problem behavior in childhood. Prevention science, 21(4), 445-455.

Augustyn, M. B., Thornberry, T. P., & Henry, K. L. (2019). The reproduction of child maltreatment: An examination of adolescent problem behavior, substance use, and precocious transitions in the link between victimization and perpetration. Development and psychopathology, 31(1), 53-71.

Augustyn, M. B., McGloin, J. M., & Pyrooz, D. C. (2019). Does gang membership pay? Illegal and legal earnings through emerging adulthood. Criminology, 57(3), 452-480.

Augustyn, M. B., & Loughran, T. A. (2017). Juvenile waiver as a mechanism of social stratification: A focus on human capital. Criminology, 55(2), 405-437.


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Wednesday: 10:30 AM - 1 PM or by appointment

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