Thomas G. Blomberg

Dean and Sheldon L. Messinger Professor of Criminology
Executive Director, Center for Criminology and Public Policy Research
Thomas G. Blomberg

Blomberg’s research is focused upon identifying ways to more effectively link research knowledge to public policy. This includes examining the relationship between educational achievement among incarcerated youthful offenders and successful community reintegration. The research has shown that those youth who experience disproportionate increases in academic achievement are more likely to return to school following their release and if they remain in school, their likelihood of re-arrest drops significantly. His current research is concerned with elderly financial fraud that is centered upon a national survey of citizens aged 65 or over concerning their fraud-related victimization experiences. The survey findings will be employed to develop evidence-based prevention policies.

Research Interests

Elderly Financial Fraud | Life Course | Cognition Turning Points | Criminological Research and Public Policy | Delinquency, Education, and Crime Desistance | Penology and Social Control | Victim Services


Ph.D. 1973, University of California at Berkeley; Criminology

M.S. 1970, University of California at Berkeley; Criminology

B.A. 1969, University of California at Berkeley; Sociology


Principal Investigator, Domestic Violence Homicide Prevention Program in Palm Beach County (a $150,000 study funded by the National Institute of Justice)

Principal Investigator, An Assessment of Jail Alternatives (a $150,000 project funded by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office)

Principal Investigator, Juvenile Justice Educational Enhancement Program (an $18 million project funded by the Florida Department of Education and U.S. Department of Education)

Principal Investigator, The Juvenile Justice No Child Left Behind Collaboration Project (a $2 million project funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention)

Recent Publications

George B. Pesta, Thomas G. Blomberg, Javier Ramos, and J.W. Andrew Ranson. 2018. “Translational Criminology: Toward Validated Best Practices.” American Journal of Criminal Justice.

Brancale, Julie Mestre, Thomas G. Blomberg, and George B. Pesta. 2018. “Elder Financial Exploitation in the United States.” In Emil W. Plywaczewski and Ewam Guzik Makaruk (Eds.) Current Problems of the Penal Law and Criminology. Eigth Edition. Warsaw, Poland: C.H. Beck.

Blomberg, Thomas G. 2018. “Making a Difference in Criminology: Past, Present and Future.” American Journal of Criminal Justice.

Nadel, Melissa, George B. Pesta, Thomas G. Blomberg, William D. Bales, and Mark Greenwald. 2018. “Civil Citation: Diversion or Net Widening?” Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 55:2 (2018): 278- 315.

Thomas G. Blomberg, Julie Mestre Brancale, Kevin M. Beaver, William D. Bales. 2016. “Advancing Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy” Routledge.

Selected Publications

Thomas G. Blomberg, William D. Bales, Alex R. Piquero. “Is Educational Achievement a Turning Point for Incarcerated Delinquents Across Race and Sex?” Journal of Youth and Adolescence. 41.2 (2012): 202-216

Lucken, Karol and Thomas G. Blomberg. “American Corrections: Reform without Change.” The Oxford Handbook of Sentencing and Corrections. Joan Petersilia and Kevin Reitz, eds. New York: Oxford University Press. 2012. 341-359

Blomberg, Thomas G., William D. Bales, Karen Mann, Alex R. Piquero, and Richard A. Berk. “Incarceration, Education and Transition from Delinquency.” Journal of Criminal Justice. 39.4 (2011): 355-365.

Blomberg, Thomas G. and Karol Lucken. American Penology: A History of Control, Enlarged Second Edition. Edison, NJ: Transaction Publishers. 2010.


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