Internships and Careers

Bachelor’s and Master’s Level Internships:

Employers seek employees armed with skills and the ability to think critically. To ensure that students are work-ready, the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice created the Bachelor’s Internship Program and Master’s Internship Program. For students seeking bachelor’s degrees, an internship can be taken for academic credit or in place of a minor to meet graduation requirements. For master’s students seeking an terminal degree, an internship can be taken for academic credit. In addition to academic benefits, internships can aid in students’ career development – giving the students real world skills, experience, and resume material. Internships can also often lead to employment after graduation.

Plus, FSU’s distinct location in the Capital City provides students an unparalleled opportunity to complete their internship in state and federal agencies, as well as private industries. However, internship opportunities are not just limited to Tallahassee. The College partners with criminal justice agencies throughout the State of Florida and the nation to offer immersive experiences that lead to career readiness and success.

To lean more about the Internship Programs contact the Criminology Internship Director at 850.644.7367. Also visit the Bachelor’s Internship Program or the Master’s Internship Program page.

Career Development:

Another aspect of creating work-ready students is making sure they have necessary career development skills. The College of Criminology partners with the FSU CareerCenter to do just that.

Through this partnership, students benefit from training in job search strategies, online career portfolio development, interviewing skills, and internship opportunities, to name just a few.

Additionally, the College partners with the FSU Career Center to host several events designed to facilitate professional networking between students and potential employers. During the fall and spring semesters, students are encouraged to attend Career Panel discussions and Internship and Career Fairs. Agencies like the CIA, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, and the Office of the Public Defender are just a few examples of those who attend.

Please note: International Internships are not permitted through the College of Criminology & Criminal Justice.