Agricultural Crime Initiative

Program evaluation improves success in solving, preventing, and prosecuting agricultural crime.

In conjunction with the Urban Institute, the Center evaluated a program conducted by the Agricultural Crime Technology Information and Operations Network (ACTION). This program is a unified cross-agency cooperation of the agricultural commissioners, district attorney offices, and sheriff’s departments in several counties throughout California. The initiative uses technology and training to assist law enforcement agencies to solve, prevent, and prosecute agricultural crime.

The process and outcome evaluation includes analysis of official records data compiled by the ACTION program, interviews with program staff, and surveys of farmers. The study is designed to answer several questions: (1) What is the logic and design of the program? (2) To what extent have the different components of the program been implemented? (3) What has been the impact of the program? (4) What factors facilitate or hinder effective implementation of the program?


George Pesta, Ph.D.
Associate Director, FSU Center for Criminology and Public Policy Research

Dan Mears, Ph.D.
Project Director

Funding Agency: National Institute of Justice

Amount: $447,000

Dates: 2004-2007


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