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Criminology, Causality and Public Policy

Researchers Examine Impact of Domestic Violence Intervention

Researchers Aim to Identify Those Most at Risk for DUI Recidivism

Researchers Evaluate Homicides committed by Far-Right Loner Extremists

Researchers Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Juvenile Court Versus Adult Court for Young Adult Offenders

Researchers Evaluate The Fugitive Safe Surrender Program And Examine The Deterrent Effects Of Capital Punishment

Researchers Investigate The Effectiveness Of An Early Intervention Program On Juvenile Crime

Researchers Investigate the Effectiveness Of Montana’s Early Release Program

Researchers Evaluate the Effectiveness Of Pittsburgh’s Violence Reduction Program

Researchers Asses Impacts Of Mass Incarceration In The United States

Researchers Investigate California’s Decarceration Potential

Researchers Investigate The Potential Link Between Payday Lending And Crime

Crime and Imprisonment: How To Reduce Both

Researchers Find That Rates Of Victimization For Black And Latino Males Are Susceptible To Changing Economic Conditions

Researchers Find That The Safer Cities Initiative Is Effective At Reducing Homeless-Related Crime

Mortgage Fraud Press Release

Researchers Find That Preventing Chronic Offending Can Lead To Cost Savings Of $200 Million

Researchers Assess Whether Problem-Oriented Policing Is Effective At Reducing Crime And Disorder

Capital Punishment

Terrorism Research Series Offers Recommendations for Homeland Security Policy

After School Programs Press Release

Prison Boom Press Release

CPP Coordinated Intimate Partner Violence Press Release

CPP Mandatory Prosecution Press Release

CPP Police Use of Force Press Release

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