Volume 13 Issue 4

Remodeling American Sentencing

Editorial Introduction

  • Reinventing Sentencing in the United States, Daniel S. Nagin

Research Article

  • Remodeling American Sentencing: A ten-step blueprint for moving past mass incarceration, Michael Tonry

Sentencing Reform Movement


  • Twentieth-Century Sentencing Reform Movement, Cassia Spohn

Decarceration in the United States


  • Creating the will to change: The challenges of decarceration in the United States, Anthony N. Doob, and Cheryl Marie Webster

Ending Mass Incarceration


  • Ending Mass Incarceration: Some Observations and Responses to Professor Tonry, Gerard E. Lynch

Assessing the State of Mass Incarceration


  • Assessing the State of Mass Incarceration: Tipping Point or the New Normal? Jeremy Travis

Reducing Incarceration While Maintaining Public Safety


  • How do we Reduce Incarceration Rates While Maintaining Public Safety? Steven Raphael
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