Volume 7 Issue 1

Editor’s Comments

Thomas G. Blomberg
Michael D. Reisig

Fines, Threat of Incarceration, and Deterrence

  • Editorial Introduction: Deterrence, Context, and Crime Decision Making, Greg Pogarsky
  • The Miracle of the Cells: An Experimental Study of Interventions to Increase Payment of Court-Ordered Financial Obligations, David Weisburd, Tomer Einat, Matt Kowalski
  • Policy Essay: Thoughts on the Broader Implications of the “Miracle of the Cells,” Daniel S. Nagin
  • Policy Essay: Rational Choice Theory, Crime Control Policy, and Criminological Relevance, Travis C. Pratt

Immigration, Crime, and Recidivism

  • Editorial Introduction: The Impact of Immigration Policy on Criminological Research, Ramiro Martínez, Jr.
  • Are Deportable Aliens a Unique Threat to Public Safety? Comparing the Recidivism of Deportable and Nondeportable Aliens, Laura J. Hickman, Marika J. Suttorp
  • Policy Essay: Border Blunders: The Unanticipated Human and Economic Costs of the U.S. Approach to Immigration Control, 1986–2007, Jacqueline Hagan, Scott Phillips
  • Policy Essay: The Symbolic Violence of the Crime–Immigration Nexus: Migrant Mythologies in the Americas, John Hagan, Ron Levi, Ronit Dinovitzer

Prison Market Testing and Riots

  • Editorial Introduction: Corrections under Pressure, Bert Useem
  • Market Testing and Prison Riots: How Public-Sector Commercialization Contributed to Prison Riot, John Rynne, Richard W. Harding, Richard Wortley
  • Policy Essay: Accountability, Efficiency, and Effectiveness in Corrections: Shining a Light on the Black Box of Prison Systems, Daniel P. Mears
  • Policy Essay: Addicted to Prisons and Asking “Why don’t they riot?”, James W. Marquart
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