Volume 8 Issue 1

2008 August Vollmer Award

  • Vollmer Award Address: Bootlegging: A career caught between fantasy and reality, Malcolm W. Klein
  • Vollmer Award Commentary: An essay in tribute to Malcolm Klein on his recognition as the August Vollmer Award winner, Scott H. Decker
  • Vollmer Award Commentary: Malcolm W. Klein: August Vollmer Award winner, 2008, Delbert S. Elliott

Explaining the Prison Boom

  • Editorial Introduction: Explaining the imprisonment epidemic, Philip J. Cook
  • Crime, cash, and limited options: Explaining the prison boom, William Spelman
  • Policy Essay: Modern time-series methods and the dynamics of prison populations, Michael P. Murray
  • Policy Essay: Explaining the rise in U.S. incarceration rates, Steven Raphael
  • Policy Essay: Money and mass incarceration: The bad, the mad, and penal reform, Marie Gottschalk

Perceptual Distortions and Police Use of Force

  • Editorial Introduction: Interpreting police use of force and the construction of reality, Geoffrey P. Alpert
  • Police officers’ perceptual distortions during lethal force situations: Informing the reasonableness standard, David A. Klinger and Rod K. Brunson
  • Policy Essay: Perceptual distortion and reasonableness during police shootings: Law, legitimacy, and future research, Robin S. Engel and Michael R. Smith
  • Policy Essay: Reasonable officers, public perceptions, and policy challenges, Kenneth J. Novak
  • Policy Essay: The elusive nature of reasonableness, William Terrill

Gender and Risk Assessment

  • Editorial Introduction: A great debate over using the Level of Service Inventory-Revised (LSI-R) with women offenders, Merry Morash
  • Can 14,737 women be wrong? A meta-analysis of the LSI-R and recidivism for female offenders, Paula Smith, Francis T. Cullen, and Edward J. Latessa
  • Policy Essay: Gridlock or mutability: Reconsidering “gender” and risk assessment, Kelly Hannah-Moffat
  • Policy Essay: The women are not wrong: It is the approach that is debatable, Kelly N. Taylor and Kelley Blanchette
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