Volume 8 Issue 3

Editorial Introduction

  • Criminology’s third war: Special issue on terrorism and responses to terrorism, Gary LaFree


  • Trajectories of terrorism: Attack patterns of foreign groups that have targeted the United States, 1970-2004, Gary LaFree, Sue-Ming Yang, Martha Crenshaw
  • Patterns of precursor behaviors in the life span of a U.S. environmental terrorism group, Brent L. Smith, Kelly R. Damphousse
  • Critical events in the life trajectories of domestic extremist white supremacist groups: A case study analysis of four violent organizations, Joshua D. Freilich, Steven M. Chermak, David Caspi
  • Weapon choice and American political violence: A comparison of terrorists and other felons in federal custody, Richard L. Legault, James C. Hendrickson
  • Radicalization of U.S. prisoners, Bert Useem, Obie Clayton

Policy Essays

  • Smart counterterrorism, William C. Banks
  • Data daze, Leonard Weinberg, William Eubank
  • A systemic approach to precursor behaviors, John Wigle
  • Violence and public policy: The right lessons, Chip Berlet
  • The prison hate machine, Randy Blazak
  • Prisons and fear of terrorism, James Austin
  • “Weapon choice and American political violence”: Some policy options, Jack R. Greene
  • Criminologists and terrorism: Finding firearms under lampposts, Brian Forst

Editorial Conclusion

  • Strengths and limits of criminological research on terrorism, Jessica Stern
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