One Year Master of Science in Criminology

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Maximize your education and your time by earning a master’s degree in one year.

The One Year Master of Science in Criminology is designed for students who aspire to leadership or advanced positions in the field of criminology and criminal justice. Through intensive graduate coursework and a full time internship, students have the opportunity to complete their master’s degree while expanding their professional knowledge and networking in the field.

Coursework & Internship (Field Practice)

Students in the one year master of science track complete a total of 33 credit hours which include 24 hours of coursework and a 9 credit hour full time graduate internship (field practice) at a location of their choice. Students completing this program track take classes beginning in fall semester and finish with a criminology and criminal justice related internship in summer.

Learn From the Best

The College’s graduate program is a nationally recognized program of excellence. Students are prepared in the classroom by faculty who are leading experts in the field. Ranked #1 in the nation for research productivity, our faculty members are known for bridging the worlds of research, policy, and practice. Students use knowledge gained in the classroom to bring research to life through internships in areas such as policy and research, courts, corrections, law enforcement, victim services, and private security.

FSU’s distinct location in the Capital City affords our students unparalleled opportunity to complete their field work in criminology and criminal justice related state and federal agencies, including private industry.

Internsh ip opportunities are not limited to just Tallahassee. The College partners with criminal justice agencies throughout the State of Florida and nation to offer an immersive experience that leads to career readiness and success.

Examples of agencies where students complete their graduate internship include: The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, The Institute for Intergovernmental Research, The United States Senate, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Out-of-State Residents May Qualify for In-State Tuition Rates:

Admission Requirements:

  • Baccalaureate degree from accredited college/university
  • 3.25 GPA or higher for the final two years of undergraduate study
  • GRE scores between 148 and 160 on both the verbal & quantitative tests
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • A 300-to-500-word statement of interest
  • Application Deadline: July 1

Program Requirements:

  • 21 graded graduate criminology credits
  • 9 non-graded criminology credits (field practice is S/U credit)
  • 3 graduate credits (can be criminology or outside elective, can be graded or non-graded)
  • Total Graduate Credit Hours for Degree: 33

Required Program Track – One Year MS Degree


  • CCJ 5050: Proseminar in Criminology (3 credits)
  • CCJ 5285: Survey of Criminal Justice Theories (3 credits)
  • CCJ 5606: Survey of Criminological Theories (3 credits)
  • CCJ 5705: Research Methods (3 credits)
  • Total Fall Credit Hours – 12


  • CCJ 5109: Theory in Criminology & Criminal Justice (3 credits)
  • CCJ 5706: Statistics (3 credits)
  • Graduate Criminology Elective – 5000 level or above and a graded course (3 credits)
  • Any Graduate Elective (criminology or outside elective, 5000 level or above, 3 credits, graded or S/U, on campus or online)
  • Total Spring Credit Hours – 12

Summer (Internship):

  • CCJ 5945: Field Practice in Criminology (9 credits, S/U grade)
  • Total Summer Credit Hours – 9

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