Victim Services Specialized Studies Program

About the Program:

The Victim Services Specialized Studies Program is designed to prepare both non-degree seeking students and non-criminology majors in assisting victims through the criminal justice system and toward personal recovery. This program prepares students for work in victim advocacy arenas, such as domestic violence shelters, crisis centers, and crisis hotlines, as well as county, state and federal government agencies.


This program is offered to both non-degree seeking students and non-criminology majors. It is beneficial for those who are currently working in the field, as well as those who are planning a future career in victim services. Program participants can take advantage of the College’s nationally ranked distance learning program and complete the program with no necessary campus visits.

Specialized Curriculum:

The FSU Victim Services program is ground breaking as it fills a substantial need in a new and growing field with a curriculum specific to victim services. Students will have the unique opportunity to study victimology and how it is impacted by areas such as media, law, ethics, and crime.

Classes include:

CCJ 3666 – Victimology
This course examines the role of victims in crimes, their treatment by the criminal justice system, their decisions to report crimes and help prosecute offenders, victim assistance, and victim compensation. Special focus on sexual battery and domestic violence.

CCJ 4037 – Crime Victimization and Media
Intense media interest and competition for stories relating to crime is more profound than ever before, especially with 24 hour news coverage and the advancement of technology making virtually everyone a potential news reporter. News media often play an important positive role in advancing public safety and crime control. But the intense competition that’s part of the effort, along with the insensitivity of some journalists, can result in disaster for the criminal investigation and prosecution and for victims of crime. This course will examine how the news media cover crime and victimization impacts the criminal justice system and crime victims.

CCJ 4667 – Crime Victimization and Victim Services
This course will introduce students to the various entities that provide assistance to victims of crime and examine the critical role of victim service providers in advocating for crime victims. In addition, students will consider the responsibilities of the criminal justice system to crime victims and the impact of the justice system’s involvement. The course will also explore the characteristics of certain crime victimization, including sexual assault, elder abuse, intimate partner violence and child abuse.

CCJ 4687 – Evaluation and Assessment of Victim Services
Evaluation and assessment of victim services programs is essential to ensuring high levels of services, program funding and examining the impact of the criminal justice system on victims. This course will offer a comprehensive overview of current research in the field and evidence based practices as well as explore the gaps and areas of needed research.

CJE 4339 – Law and Ethics in Victim Services
This course will provide an overview of ethical standards within the criminal justice profession in general and specifically analyze ethical issues as they relate to crime victim advocacy. The course will also explore common ethical conflicts and how to apply ethical and legal standards and decision making to resolve them as well as multi-cultural competency and ethical responsibilities.

Application Process:

Non-degree seeking students – please apply here and complete attached application.

Please note, current College of Criminology & Criminal Justice students cannot apply to this program.


Contact: Margarita Frankeberger, Program Director, Academic & Student Services at 850.644.7373