Raymond B. Vickers

Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Director, Institute for the Prevention of Financial Fraud
Raymond B. Vickers

Dr. Vickers, whose background includes a law degree and a Ph.D. in economic and business history, served for four years as Assistant Comptroller of Florida, the Chief of Staff of the Florida Department of Banking and Finance. As an attorney, he has represented more than 100 financial institutions, including community banks, regional banks, Wall Street banks, and international banks. He is also the author of Panic in the Loop: Chicago’s Banking Crisis of 1932, which won the Silver Medal in the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards for the Finance/Investment/Economics Category; and Panic in Paradise: Florida’s Banking Crash of 1926.

Research Interests

Financial Fraud | Historical Research Methods | Law | Politics and Policy | Impediments to implementing legal/regulatory reforms | Economic and Business History | Banking History | History of the Financial Regulatory Systems | History of the Investment Industry | Business-Government Relations | Institutions of the International Economy


Ph.D. 1990, Florida State University; Economic and Business History

M.A. 1986, Florida State University; International Affairs

J.D. 1976, Florida State University; College of Law

B.S. 1971, Florida State University; Criminology and Criminal Justice


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Monday: 3:00PM - 5:00PM
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