Congratulations Summer 2020 Criminology & Criminal Justice Graduates!

July 24, 2020
Congratulations Summer 2020 Graduates

Congratulations to all of our Summer 2020 College of Criminology & Criminal Justice Graduates!

Please join us in celebrating the graduates, listed below, at Florida State University’s Virtual Graduation on Friday, July 31 at 7:30 p.m. (EDT).

The ceremony will be streamed on and!

To view the College of Criminology & Criminal Justice Summer 2020 Commencement Address given by Dean Blomberg click here.

Bachelor of Science
With Major In

Alivia Elisha Adams – Criminology

Nicole Aguilar – Criminology

Tia Vernise Bailey – Criminology

Austen Matthew Baker – Cyber Criminology – Criminology

Esmeralda Barrios – Criminology

Logan Maxwell Bartolovich – Criminology

Emily Ann Beasley – Criminology

Zachary Michael Bloomquist – Criminology

Alex Lee Brickey, CUM LAUDE – Criminology

John Bennett Cannon II – Criminology

Sara Ceballos – Criminology

Zoe Mercedes Chaskel – Criminology

Michelle Cineus – Criminology

Samantha Valentina Cisneros – Criminology

Evan Thomas Conner – Criminology

Kyle Joseph Connolly – Criminology

Samuel Wyatt Cronen – Criminology

Juliana Da Silva, CUM LAUDE – Criminology

Kaleisa Jazmine Dale – Criminology

Rylee Jeane Dalton, MAGNA CUM LAUDE – Criminology

Denixa Lissete Davila, CUM LAUDE – Criminology

Leismary Elizabeth Davis – Criminology

Richell S. De Jesus Rodriguez – Criminology

Lazaro Del Valle – Criminology

Eric Daniel Dolan – Criminology

Paul Timothy Duguay – Criminology and Management

Alaja Lajessica Ellison – Criminology

Amy Bryn Erdner – Criminology

John George Famiglietti – Criminology

Bryce Andrew Fehringer – Criminology

Alexander Thomas Fernandez-Quevedo – Criminology

Jose Guadalupe Frias – Criminology

Zahria Patrice Gaines – Criminology

Mckenzie Lawrence Gall, CUM LAUDE – Criminology

Angel Enrique Garcia – Criminology

Sara Carmela Gianino, MAGNA CUM LAUDE – Criminology

Erin Elizabeth Gleason – Criminology

Alyssa Sandra Gonnella – Cyber Criminology – Criminology

David Gonzalez – Criminology

Victoria Alexandra Gonzalez – Criminology and Psychology

Alana Cicile Gudknecht Soucie, MAGNA CUM LAUDE – Criminology and Psychology

Katherine Harper – Criminology

Joshua John Haynicz – Cyber Criminology – Criminology

Melissa Morgan Helphrey – Criminology

Ashleigh Kindred Jackson – Criminology

Hekiah Lashay Jackson – Criminology

Jessica Jacob – Criminology

Coral June Jarvis – Criminology and Religion

Kyle Hunter Jones – Criminology

Quantrevis Jones – Criminology

Chelsea Rose Jourdain – Criminology and Psychology

Jared Kenneth Knorr – Criminology

Amanda Nicole Leathers, MAGNA CUM LAUDE – Criminology

Ja’Rhonda Lewis – Criminology

Haley Katherine Lockwood – Criminology

Brianna Loya – Criminology

Sullivan Kathleen Maney – Criminology

John William Mataxas – Criminology

Logan Scott McClain – Cyber Criminology – Criminology

Ryan Paul McDonald – Criminology

Zhariel Monay McNeil – Criminology

Bryanna Elizabeth Means – Criminology and Psychology

Angie Beatriz Mella – Criminology

Kasey Mentzer – Criminology

Trevor Carrington Merton – Criminology

Jessica Celine Meyer – Criminology

Hugo Monterrubio – Cyber Criminology – Criminology

Gabriella Carolyn Morris, SUMMA CUM LAUDE – Criminology and Middle Eastern Studies

Tomas Mosquera – Criminology and International Affairs

Shelby Yoko Norton – Criminology

David Joseph O’Halloran – Criminology

Sidney Marie Oakes-Lottridge, CUM LAUDE – Criminology and Psychology

Kendall Caroline Ochoa – Criminology

Colleen Ofarrell – Criminology

Joel Thomas Pallon, CUM LAUDE – Criminology and Sociology

Diana Perez – Criminology

Fredtajah Ja’Briana Pinkney – Criminology

Hunter Sharkey Pollack – Criminology

Thomas Popescu – Criminology

Cory Prince – Criminology

Gareth Wallace Pursley – Criminology

Debbie Michelle Ramos Maza – Criminology

Steven F. Rene, Jr. – Criminology

Laura A. Reynolds, CUM LAUDE – Criminology

Taylor Elizabeth Rice – Criminology and Psychology

Latemia Alexjandra Richards – Criminology

Victoria Neda Rohani – Criminology and Psychology

Katherin Rojo – Criminology

Geri Sue Root – Criminology

David Enrique Rosales – Criminology

Bailey Roy – Criminology

Uriel Ruiz – Criminology

Kyle Rushing – Criminology

Alexandra Saavedra – Criminology

Meaghan Kaitlyn Saffle, MAGNA CUM LAUDE – Criminology and Psychology

Zachary Schechter – Criminology

Riley Eva Renée Seal – Criminology

Amanda Reyhan Shaheen, CUM LAUDE – Criminology

Ashley Marie Sheiman, MAGNA CUM LAUDE – Criminology

Andrew Davis Shouse – Criminology

Bryan A. Shuler – Criminology

Natalie Marie Silver – Criminology

Leland Kelly Smith IV – Criminology

Daniel J. Smithen – Criminology and Psychology

Albrey Renee Sorrell – Criminology

Janya Lemaria Stephens – Criminology

Hannah Patricia Stevenson, CUM LAUDE – Criminology

Christian David Suero – Criminology

Garrett Matthew Swier – Criminology

Jessica Sue Tatem – Criminology and Psychology

Octavia Bianca Thomas – Criminology

Ryan Daniel Thomas – Criminology

Shamari Leondo Thomas – Criminology

Alexandra Danielle Timmer – Criminology and Psychology

Beatrice Alexandra Valenti – Criminology

Akayla Marie Van Dine-Moore – Criminology

Asia Mystell Van Dine-Moore – Criminology

Daniel Armando Varona – Criminology

Jade Ashlie Whately-Webb – Criminology

Rachel Ann Williams – Criminology

Michaela Marie Wilson, SUMMA CUM LAUDE – Criminology

Dante Joseph Woodson – Criminology

Tyler Yelito – Criminology

Michael Raymond Zastawney – Criminology

Master of Science
With Major In

Hanna Amirzadehasl – Criminal Justice Studies

Taylor Jane Ballard – Criminology

Alex Christian Billmeier – Criminology

Gary William Bitz, Jr. – Criminology

Shannon Chaffers – Criminology

Bradley Dale Dawson – Criminal Justice Studies

Heather Nicole DePete – Criminal Justice Studies

Serafina Di Benedetto – Criminology

Meagan A. Freshour – Criminal Justice Studies

Rachel Fulmer – Criminology

Isabelle Josette Ghini – Criminal Justice Studies

Jose Luis Gonzalez – Criminal Justice Studies

Linda Anne Infinger – Criminology

Julie Lyn Kuper – Criminology

Avery Jordan Kushner – Criminology

Jacqueline Reva LaBayne – Criminology

Jansen Joelle Lee – Criminal Justice Studies

Noelle Lewis – Criminal Justice Studies

Victoria Teresa Lluis – Criminology

Raymond Paul Malengo – Criminal Justice Studies

Lisa Martin – Criminal Justice Studies

Shane A. McClanahan – Criminal Justice Studies

Semone Alexis Moss – Criminal Justice Studies

Alan Curtis Pickard – Criminal Justice Studies

Nicolas Elias Ramirez – Criminal Justice Studies

Kiauna Dashawn Reed – Criminology

Ashleigh Victoria Sheehy – Criminal Justice Studies

Charys Rhiannon Olivia Smith – Criminology

Jamie Leigh Turnbow-Conley – Criminal Justice Studies

Megan Leticia Vogt – Criminology

Doctor of Philosophy
With Major In

Caroline Michelle Bailey – Criminology

Major Professors: Dr. Patricia Y. Warren and Dr. Eric A. Stewart

“The Perpetuation of Violence and Discrimination: How the Legacy of Slavery Contributes to the Continued Victimization of African Americans”

Samantha Josephine Brown – Criminology

Major Professor: Dr. Daniel P. Mears

“There’s a First Time for Everything: First Police Contact and its Effect on Offending”

Javier Ramos – Criminology

Major Professor: Dr. Brian J. Stults

“Refining the Immigration-Crime Nexus: The Impact of Legal Status and Nationality on Recidivism”