Center General Projects

Agricultural Crime Initiative - In conjunction with the Urban Institute, the Center evaluated a program conducted by the Agricultural Crime Technology Information and Operations Network (ACTION). This program is a unified cross-agency cooperation of the agricultural commissioners, district attorney offices, and sheriff’s departments in several counties throughout California. The initiative uses technology and training to assist law enforcement agencies to solve, prevent, and prosecute agricultural crime.

Assessing the Statewide Racial/Ethnic Impact of Proposed Criminal Justice Legislation in Florida - The College of Criminology & Criminal Justice has entered into a partnership with the Florida Senate to analyze the racial/ethnic impact of proposed criminal justice legislation and to provide empirically-based racial/ethnic impact statements for select bills that will be heard by the Senate’s Criminal Justice Committee.

Educational Policy Research - Funded by the Florida Department of Education, this project assesses empirical evidence of teacher preparation programs, including organizational structure and curricula design, conducts other educational policy research, and provides preliminary recommendations to develop a restricted access educational data warehouse.

Translational Criminology: Research and Public Policy - The purpose of this study is to better understand how research is translated into criminal justice policy. In this study, researchers conduct a theory-driven case study to test and describe the knowledge translation process in the field of criminal justice, specifically examining the translation of knowledge and use of research evidence by Florida’s state-level decision makers in the field of juvenile and adult corrections.

US 2010: America in the First Decade of the New Century - The purpose of the US2010 project was to use data from the decennial census, the American Community Survey, and other key sources to investigate the subtle shifts and long-term trends in American life and provide an analysis of what these developments may mean for the future.