Review of the State of Jail Research in America

Funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts, this project will provide a series of research briefs that identify the best evidence-based policies and practices relating to the use, management, and effectiveness of jails. Research topics include harms associated with jails, the effectiveness of money bail, no-jail or low-jail options for sentenced populations, and jail reentry. The findings will provide PEW with a better understanding of current jail-related practices and policy implications that may stem from these practices. These briefs will also highlight both the quality and the limitations of current research to help identify needs for future research on U.S. jails.


Principal Investigator: Jennifer Copp, Ph.D.

Visiting Scholar: Julie Brancale, Ph.D.

Project Coordinator: George Pesta, Ph.D.

Student Researchers: Samantha Brown, Victoria Lluis

Dates: January-June, 2019

Funding Agency: Pew Charitable Trusts