Juvenile Justice Education Partnership

In response to a request from the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), FSU is partnering with Maryland’s Juvenile Services Education System (JSES) to evaluate juvenile justice education in Maryland. Through this project, a research-driven accountability system will be developed, implemented, and evaluated to ensure that youth in the state’s juvenile justice detention and residential facilities are provided with quality education services that prepare them for the transition back to their local communities, schools, work, and home settings. This project is based on FSU’s Juvenile Justice Education Enhancement Program (JJEEP) that was developed from 1998 to 2010 in Florida.

This current project consists of three distinct phases. Phase I will involve evaluating and assessing Maryland’s current juvenile justice education system. Phase II will use the information and findings from Phase I to assist in the development and implementation of a research-driven accountability system for juvenile justice education services. Phase III will consist of evaluating and validating the effectiveness of the research-driven accountability system.

FSU will conduct multiple site visits to Maryland’s juvenile justice detention and residential facilities to conduct individual interviews, document reviews, and observations. Overall, the goal of the project and partnership with Maryland’s JSES is to improve the quality of juvenile justice education in the state of Maryland.


Principal Investigator: Thomas G. Blomberg, Ph.D.

Dates: May 2019 | 3-5 Year Project

Funding Agency: Maryland State Department of Education

Funding Amount: $1.5 Million

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