Shattering Shackles

Shattering Shackles is an organization that aspires to help children and families with incarcerated loved ones. Although the struggles of a child with an incarcerated parent are normally overlooked and undermined, 2 million children in the United States are suffering under the injustices of the Justice system. Many have difficulties focusing in class, developing friendships due to the fear of separation, and understanding their sense of worth when coming from a family with illegal history. One major injustice Shattering Shackles draws much attention to is the fact that many inmates are transferred to other locations outside of their hometown. Since many families with incarcerated family members come from low-income households, some children will not see their parents for years because they do not have the financial means to travel. Therefore, Shattering Shackles is the pathway for children and their parents to build the bond they would have formed had the parent never left. We stand for a world where every child gets to live with the support of their family and separate their fate from the life of their parents.

To learn more, visit the Shattering Shackles website.

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